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Die, Inbox! Die!

How many of you are like Michelle and have 50,000+ emails in your inbox on GMail? This bugs me to no end. How can you keep things organized when there are this many emails to sift through? I used to log into her account (with her permission of course) and set up filters, add labels, and archive old messages for her. Now I’ve just given up.

Fortunately I ran across this website and browser extension (sorry Safari and Chrome only) called 0Boxer. Once you install the extension it gives you points for replying, deleting, and archiving messages. Plus it gives you extra points when you completely clear the inbox. It appeals to the competitive nature in people to get points that have no inherent value.

Now you can keep a clean inbox and be a total nerd while doing it!

Happy Birthday, GMail

GMail is five years old now. It seems just like yesterday that my friend at Google gave me an invite to set up a GMail account. I promised I would not sell the invitations I was given when everyone was dying for an account. I could have made a couple thousand bucks if I did. Even without the money, I am glad to have my GMail account. Google has developed this web application into a beast

He’s growns up and he’s growns up and he’s growns up!

A Life Line for the Impulsive

This post is dedicated to all my exes that constantly send me emails using the alcohol-induced dictionary to spell words, all none of you.

GMail has added an awesome feature, Undo Send. This allows you to take back a sent mail that you sent prematurely or didn’t mean to send at all. There are some caveats about this though. It won’t pull back all the email you have sent. Five seconds is all you have to decide hitting the send button was a mistake.

Really this just lets you know if you receive angry emails, the person meant it, because they could have taken it back.

Google: iCock Blocking

Everyone’s talking about Gmail’s themes, but there are far more exciting features that Google has been working up in their Gmail Labs. One of these features is Mail Goggles. This little feature forces you to answer simple math questions before allowing you to mail in hopes of stopping you from emailing while under the influence. Think of all the regretable emails that will be stopped from entering cyberpsace.

Do you think this will stop stupid people in general from emailing?