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Argentinians eat a lot

There is still one thing I cannot figure out about the culinary lifestyle of Argentinians. How do they eat so much? They eat four times a day, eating a full meal, and at each meal they eat without leaving leftovers. We tried to eat like the locals one night at a parrilla called El Trapiche.

There are very few tourists in this joint. It kind of reminds of me a New York diner, very brightly lit and loud.

We started with the prosciutto and cheese dish. Ham is serious business in Argentina, not like the crap we have in the states.

This is a half order of morcillas (sweetbread). I’m used to eating them in the states, covered in some sort of sauce. Eating them off the grill with a squeeze of lemon is a bit too gamey for me. The mineral flavor of this only allowed me to get through three of these.

This is single order of flank steak. If it looks overwhelming that’s because it is overwhelming. Looking around at the other tables we would see pasta and potatoes in addition to the meat. I have no idea how the locals were putting it down so easily.

Let’s not confuse things. It was delicious. It was just far too much food for us to tackle. They asked us if we wanted to take any to go, but unfortunately since we were travelling we wouldn’t have had any way to reheat it. Plus, we had other foods to eat. We couldn’t be bogged down by leftovers.

Next time we head back to Buenos Aires, I’ll be ready. I’ll be packing a tapeworm.