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Cooking = Learning by Failure

I need to learn to cook more things, but until I do I have been sticking with changing things up by adding other items I like to the mix. Meat, good. Jam, good. Meat and jam? Good! Okay maybe not quite like that.

If you make chili, make chili dogs.

Corn bread always goes well with chili.

This is actually a separate batch of chili, because I liked the first batch so much. I used ground turkey to try to keep it healthier, and in the process learned beef works better, because it doesn’t stick together as much as turkey.

It’s hard to tell what this is based on the photo. This is a Mexican stew with chicken, onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers. I can tell you that I did not like this very much to start. It tasted like watery tomatoes, so I stirred in some hot sauce and left it on low heat.

It was much better less runny. I topped it with a fried egg and called a success.

I am far from a master chef or even a mediocre cook. I don’t like following recipes, but because I don’t follow recipes I think I learn faster. Going off course I’ve learned a few things about what not to do. Here’s to many more food adventures!

Too Much Flavor

Michelle and I have been looking for a place to live recently. We’ve decided on living on the West Side for a while and renting rather than jumping into a home in a gated community with a good school district. We’re not even thirty yet!

Yesterday we stopped around the Culver City area to look around, and we like it. Well, what we really like is happy hour in Downtown Culver City.

Korean tacos. This is a new one at Gyenari. Someone’s still trying to ride the Kogi train (truck?).

After a quick snack and a few drinks, we wanted another Kogi tie in, so we decided on dinner with some friends at Chego.

Tiny’s Prime Rib Rice Bowl.

One Chubby Pork Belly Bowl.

Buttered Kimchi Chow with added pork belly.

These bowls are actually quite large. It’s a solid meal with tons of flavor, possibly too much flavor. Is there such a thing? I feel like when eating this it was as if someone turned the amp to eleven while walking out of a strip club at 7:30 AM and realizing the sun is out, shining straight into your face. I bet with a pot of rice, I can stretch this into three large meals still full of flavor.