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Just Steal Cheap Things

So apparently this guy stole a DVD player in China but realized he didn’t grab the remote. He got caught a month later when he went back for the remote. Sure the guy is and idiot, but what is most astonishing is that the police dropped the charges and let the man go because the value of the DVD player wasn’t worth their time to deal with the prosecution.

The DVD player was £100. That’s like $150! I can buy one at Walmart for $30. What DVD player in China costs $150? They make them there. They should be $5 tops. If crimes this small are not worth punishing, sign me up for a life of petty crime in China. I just have to remember not to grab the PS3. They might punish me then.

Home Sweet Work

Unless your work is shifting paradigms, thinking outside the box, or doing some other 80’s catch phrase, you are probably looking at the same thing day in and day out at the office. That’s why so many people hate going in day in and day out and want to change jobs so frequently, just to get a change of scenery.

But it’s familiarity that makes returning home something that never comes soon enough. Viewing work as familiar and not monotonous makes it a lot easier for me to return each day. Yeah, it’s a stretch, but I have a rationalize my otherwise inexplicable return to the office each day.

Don’t ask me where to get one of these. I stole it a long time ago in my more foolish days. Although this picture was taken in my apartment back in college, this seat cover sits on my chair at work, making my workspace something I look forward to seeing.

To personalize my work space even further, I have my eye on the Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set. Combined with the Botanicalls DIY Plant Twitter Kit it’ll be like having a hungry meat eating family at the office that can communicate with me via the Internet to beckon my return and attention.

While that last set of goodies just revealed what a huge nerd I am, one thing everyone can use at work is a Red Swingline Stapler. Just make sure no one steals it from you and moves your cubicle down into the basement with the roaches. If you don’t know why this iconic office supply is so very desirable, immediately cease all other activity until you watch this. It is the official movie of Sure Beats Work.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.