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A little DIY ingenuity in cooking.

Michelle wanted some dumplings for lunch, but  I told her we didn’t have a steamer and I could fry them up instead. She seemed disappointed, so I set out to make my wife happy.

A little foil over a pot rack brushed with with some oil and punctured with toothpick holes to start.

Cover it all with a lid that lets out some of the steam, and we’re cooking!

Tadah! Steamed dumplings!

While this probably doesn’t produce perfect dumplings, I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with this contraption. For those of you cooks that say you need to have good equipment in the kitchen, I have one thing to say to you. Not if you’re MacGyver.

Recent Bites

Pizza from Laventina’s Big Cheese Pizza. It’s delicious, but not quite the same when not eaten drunk and sitting on the curb with dozens of other intoxicated young adults.

Delicious sandwich from Tummy Stuffers by my office.

Ddukbokki from Western Doma Noodle.

Chicken Soup.

Onion Pancake.

Crab and pork dumplings from Mama’s Lu.

Pork and cabbage dumplings.

Spicy dumplings.

Now go get yourself some lunch, people!

Being Grown Up Sucks

Michelle and I are almost settled into our new place. There are a couple key pieces of furniture missing, and the kitchen supplies are not completely put away yet, but things are shaping up. We’re getting used to being in each other’s faces all the time, and it’s not too bad.

The one thing we don’t like is being responsible. We need more paper towels. We should return this trash can, because we found it for less money elsewhere. We need to clean the floors. We have to wash the sheets. There’s laundry to be done. It’s like all our free time is spent running errands. We want to go back to our care free days. Maybe my parents will let us move in with them.

The one thing we have tried to save time for is food and drink. We have to eat so it’s a good pause to all the running around. Saturday, per Julian’s suggestion we went to check out Mama’s Lu in Monterey Park. I think it’s supposed to be “Mama Lu’s” but the Chinglish is overpowering. As it took five minutes to pull around the parking lot Michelle said, “Remember when we were going to live here?” I quickly and adamantly responded, “There was no way I was going to let us live out here. Can’t stand the Chinese.” The food is good though.

We got too excited and forgot to snap a picture in its whole form. This is the roast beef noodle soup. So good for a hangover, which one of our friends was suffering from at the time.

The shrimp, chive, and pork dumplings. Juicy and the shrimp was cooked perfectly, not overcooked like a lot of places tend to do when it comes to dumplings.

Vegetable dumplings. Normally I like meat, meat, and meat with a side of meat, but these are really good.

Fish dumplings. Normally not the meat of choice for dumplings. I would order these again.

Shanghainese style meatball. Why do they refer to these as “lion’s head?”

Xiaolongbao. These are some of the best I have ever had. I wish someone would break a hundred of these open, drain the juices into a cup, and hand me a straw.

We’re all still discovering the area around us. LaRocco’s Pizza in Culver City is a little spot we discovered after looking for a place to grab a slice of pizza, since we weren’t very hungry. The joint is small, and they tell you on the door that they close then they run out of dough. As we experienced depending on the order load they have, they run out of different types of their pizza for thirty minutes at a time, but that allows you to try their other styles of pizza. They are all delicious.

The ricotta cheese on this has the perfect texture to compliment the crust, which is crisp but not hard.

Michelle really liked this one. Spinach and cherry tomatoes.

Noodle Club: China finally gets some action.

We’ve had Japanese and Vietnamese noodles so far, but it’s time Chinese style noodles got some love. We took a trip downtown to Urban Noodle. This is a small joint with hand made noodles.

Delicious appetizer. It’s fried but the inside is juicy like a xiaolongbao. (It took me three or four tries to even get Google to correct my spelling enough to recognize what I was trying to spell. I have brought dishonor to my people.)

Here is a terrible picture of my beef noodle soup. It’s pretty basic, but the noodles are great. They have the perfect texture with just the slightest amount of bite.

Seafood curry soup. The fish balls were a little chewy, but again the noodles were awesome. Any time you can eat a noodle soup without noodles being completely limp, it’s a plus. When the noodles hold their bite throughout the entire meal, it’s an epic food win.

Singapore noodles. I didn’t get to try this one, but it looked great as well.

This may be the highlight of the trip, even though it’s not noodles. We asked for extras after the meal. White Rabbit Candy, now with less cancer! At least I think they should have fixed the whole cancer causing agents problem. Can anyone confirm that? *Shakes fist at China*

Gluttony, Sweet Gluttony

Michelle and I ate this weekend. Boy did we eat.