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Have an awesome weekend.

We were at In-N-Out pretty late when we saw a cab pull up in the drive-thru. I thought for a second the cab driver was craving a burger, but then the guy in the back seat rolled down the window. He looked blitzed out of his head.

Hope your weekend is as awesome as this guy’s weekend.

Stupid Cameras

Remember the times when you had a few too many drinks and people had a good laugh for a week but that was it? Then whenever it came up again you just said, “Never happened.” Unfortunately that’s not possible anymore. Everyone has a camera. I got some more pictures from the wedding, which happened so long ago, but the pictures freeze it in time forever…FOREVER…FOREVER.


Look at us, pretending to know how to read.


Tossing one back before the ceremony. Liquid courage.


Tossing another one back. Maybe this is why the rest of these pictures exist.


Looks like we had a great time.


Can anyone clue me in to what I was doing here? God I hope this isn’t on the final copy of the wedding video.

Next time I’ll keep the drinks under double digits. Promise.

Bacon: Good for You

It’s Sunday already and some of you are still lying in bed, unable to get up from last night’s fun. Perhaps you would be having an easier time if you had some bacon. Some Sourdough Jacks and Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburgers after late nights out are just what your body needs to survive a night of imbibing. Next time your driver doesn’t want to stop for to get a late night snack, tell him you have to because it’s scientifically proven to be healthy.

Drunkie MacBeatwife

Scotland is taking on alcohol abuse. They have a huge uphill battle if admitting you have a problem is the first step. How do you tell people that are used to regular drinking that their lifestyle is wrong? I love how they have a name for a drunken headbutt because it’s so common. If people are being violent then the government has a reason to step in and interfere, but if you want to drink yourself into a stupor and an early grave, the government should have no say in that.

I thought the Irish were pretty well known for their drinking too, but I guess they’re embracing their culture as a people of the world.

Google: iCock Blocking

Everyone’s talking about Gmail’s themes, but there are far more exciting features that Google has been working up in their Gmail Labs. One of these features is Mail Goggles. This little feature forces you to answer simple math questions before allowing you to mail in hopes of stopping you from emailing while under the influence. Think of all the regretable emails that will be stopped from entering cyberpsace.

Do you think this will stop stupid people in general from emailing?