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Another Weekend of Eating and Drinking Too Much

This weekend was a weekend full of fun, possibly regrettable decisions. I think I need some help with my self control. Friday my friends came over after work for happy hour. We were going to do it up big.

We started at Gyenari, where we got the tower of beer that screams, “Look at us. We are douchebags drinking beer!”

Afterward we decided to grab a couple of slices with some more beer at LaRocca’s Pizza.

With Korean and Italian cuisine represented already, we decided to hit up Tacos el Gallito and add Mexico to the mix.

Since Father’s Office is in between home and the taco truck, we decided to do it up right and stop there too.

Keep in mind this was all done before 9:30 PM. As I passed out in the middle of our furniture-less living room, I vowed never to eat or drink again…until the next time. Unfortunately for me, the next time was the next day.

I got to be a part of a special day for a very good friend of mine. Congrats, Tyson and Angie!

So like any good friend would do, I celebrated. A bread basket did catch on fire at my table, but that was a good two feet away from me. Couldn’t have been my fault.

Earthquake Drinking Game

Well, it was bound to happen. Southern California has had its first earthquake in a while. Not too much damage was done despite the quake lasting a good twenty seconds or so. Tonight when you go home and watch the news, get out the beers and everytime they use the term “rolling motion” or “swaying” take a drink. By the time the hour of news is up, you will be feeling a whole new rolling motion.

I Promised Pictures…

I was so tempted to pull these levers to see what happens.

If you’ve ever wondered what the doctor does with your file, wonder no more. It goes down into the basement to be forgotten. A few rooms over there is a room, which is a concrete pit. There are huge cockroaches running around. Think pinky finger length. I was told that if you stand still long enough, they will climb up your legs. What’s even more disgusting is that they’ve found used condoms in that room. I almost threw up in my mouth when I heard that.

Unfortunately I had no good pictures from the night at Kyung’s, so I took a video grab. Gregg is skiing. He didn’t need to hold onto the poles, but we thought it would make things more authentic.

The two drunk people of the night. The ride home was so much fun.

FJ: woke a few moments ago…drunk still
FJ: damn i tihnk that whiskey shot got me

Now for a confession. FJ, while you were not drinking your drink, everyone around you was pouring their drinks into your drink. Not everyone was involved in the act, but pretty much everyone knew about it and tried to get you to drink up. I don’t think they poured that much in to warrant your multiple complaints about how your drink burned, but It looked like you had a good time as a result though. Good times!

This is the guy, who finished a bottle of Whiskey by himself one night?

For the love of god, why?!