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In a Wedding Rut

Unless you know Michelle and me personally, you probably don’t realize that she is taller than me by about an inch. That’s never been a problem because I’m big in other areas. (I meant heart, but thanks for believing in me, even if it was only for a split second and then followed by uncontrollable laughter.)

This Thanksgiving I stopped in to see Michelle’s family. She was without shoes and I was wearing my work shoes, which happen to be steel toe shoes that have quite a bit of heel on them. She got excited, maybe thinking I magically grew a couple inches. When she realized it was the shoes she was still happy.

Michelle: You should wear shoes like this for the wedding!
Me: No way. Those look weird. I have a better idea.


Me: Since we’re getting married outside we can dig a hole for you to stand in for the ceremony.

South Park: Foundation of Our Relationship

When we first met Michelle thought I was doing “retarded voices” until she realized I was mimicking Cartman from South Park. I introduced her to the show and she loves it. We used to watch all the time and discuss what we’ve learned from the the episodes from the economy to race and religion.


Michelle Likes Food

Snacks are her favorite food group. She truly might have a mental breakdown if I presented her with the task below.


Back to the Future

When Michelle was living in Arizona it was sometimes difficult to find a good schedule to talk on the phone. She had to work late sometimes. I had to work late sometimes. Throw an hour time difference for half the year and the schedules got confusing.

I began calling her Future Lady and asking her if she could tell me who won a sports game I was watching so I didn’t have to continue watching. I drew this picture to depict the disparity of our schedules.


Win, Lose, or Draw

My name is not Simon, but I do like to draw drawrings. Also, it’s okay if you look at my bum.

I am no artist by any stretch of the imagination. My talents for visual art pieces are pretty much zero, unless you count photo manipulation ability like this.


That was not the point of thisĀ  post, although it provides a hilarious distraction. My drawing ability is limited to stick figures, but I have done quite a few drawings for Michelle. It’s a great way to do something special that costs you no money.


Michelle used to call her car Silver Bullet until she got her Volvo. She needed a new name for her car, so we came up with Silver Lunchbox. This one was not drawn freehand, because I needed to get the lunchbox shape and I could not draw a rectangle that looks like a rectangle to save my life.

I have drawn quite a few of these drawings, which I will share here over time. Stay tuned!