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It’s Sake Time!

I held off posting about our trip to Chaya’s Japanese Beer Garden as not to remind one particular friend about what a rough time she had that night and the whole next day.

It’s brilliant marketing. Toss up some lanterns outside, and it’s special.

Here is Michelle with yakitori grill in the background.

While it’s called a beer garden, the beer selection is pretty poor with a few Japanese beers and Stella. We settled on sake sangria and sake flights.

This is one flight. The aforementioned friend had three of them, which is why the night slowly spiraled out of control. It’s sake time!

As for food, we really couldn’t decide, so we ordered everything. Well, almost everything.

Spicy Shrimp Roll and Grilled White Corn with Feta Cheese. Michelle was so inspired by the corn that she made a similar dish at a BBQ we went to recently.

Spicy Tuna Roll.

Everything form the yakitori menu multiple times. There are definitely better places for yakitori, but it’s nice to order when sharing amongst friends.

Grilled Octopus. I really liked this dish.

Sea Scallop Miso Gratin.

I can’t remember what this one was called. It came pretty late in the evening, and I was full of food and sake. As you can see there is prosciutto, so it must be good.

Fish n’ Chips.

Calamari and Pita with Hummus.

Kobe Beef Short Rib Melt. It’s melt-in-your-mouth good. You have to eat it while it’s hot though.

Lazy Ox Canteen. Not for poor people.

After we looked at the OK Go exhibit and watched then perform their set, Michelle and I headed to Lazy Ox Canteen for a bit to eat. The food is awesome, but food bloggers must have some kind of trust fund, because holy shit that place is expensive.

I prefer my suds to come in large pitchers, not tiny fancy glasses.

These lime chili corn kernels are delicious. Way better than beer nuts.

Charred octopus.

Brick-roasted mussels. The house made sriracha sauce is incredible.

Pig ears. Yum!

So now my stomach is a bit heavier and my wallet a bit lighter. It was worth the try, but my wallet hates me.

Another Birthday Celebration

This Saturday Ariane had her birthday celebration at The Edison. I am still recovering from my cold, so I refrained from drinking, unlike some other people who couldn’t make it out. Just like I thought, the night totally sucked being sober. Just kidding. It was cool getting out to see people after being couped up for a while. The birthday girl swears a lot when she’s drunk.


The birthday girl and boyfriend, drinking long before anyone else showed up.


I love the decor of the place.


This is what the Bat Cave would look like if Batman was a rapper.


Michelle and me, trying not to hack up a lung.


A swirl of lights.


“No way! The pink Teletubby can kick the green one’s ass!”


We don’t know who bought these drinks, but we told Ariane they were waters for her. Only when the flash went off could you tell it wasn’t water.


Drinks all around.