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Billionaires make it rain from clouds of charity.

It’s a well known fact that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are two of the world’s richest men. Some people also know that they are not giving the majority of their fortunes as an inheritance to their children. They are donating most of it to charity both now and after they leave this earth. Now they are encouraging other wealthy Americans to do the same with The Giving Pledge. They’re specifically targeting billionaires, probably because it’s probably too tough to get rappers to commit to the pledge because they need icy hot chains. Cash Money Millionaires, you’re safe. But they’re coming for you Oprah, Walmart family, and Google executives!

I have to say it’s refreshing to know that there are people that understand the limits of wealth. When you have so much wealth that there’s no way you can possibly spend it all, giving it away is a sight I welcome. Good for anyone that commits to this pledge. I hope one day to be able to commit to such a noble cause, because that also means I will be so filthy, stinking rich that I won’t know what to do with my money. Right now just being filthy and stinking doesn’t cut it.

Need to Hide Money From Government…

That sounds like I’m smuggling drugs into the country and laundering money. Not quite. I just hate taxes. Due to my inability to invest properly, and the fact that I live at home with my parents with very little personal costs, I need to get rid of some money. I want to donate some money to a charity. It helps out for a greater cause, and it keeps the money out the government’s hands. The only dilemma for myself is that there are so many great charities out there. I don’t know where to begin.

I started digging around the client directory of my brother’s company. He works for a company that develops web tools for non profit organizations. Some of them have more altruistic goals. Dean For America Campaign is one that will not be getting any money from me. American Red Cross seems to be the default donation spot for a lot of people.

I’ve talked about this before. You can now buy a laptop for a child in a developing country, and you will get one yourself as well as one year of T-Mobile HotSpot access. That sounds cool, but it doesn’t count as a donation if you get the freebies. You can get the donation if you don’t take any of the goodies, but not taking the freebies and donating $400 for a single laptop doesn’t seem like it the best way to use funds.  If you’re looking for a toy for yourself and helping develop third world countries with technology, it’s not a bad idea though.

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations for a good use for a donation, please let me know.