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I feel like chicken tonight!

Michelle and I put ourselves on a diet challenge for the last month before our wedding. No white flour. We’re not going to be overly picky about the rules. No white rice, noodles, or bread. Whole wheat is fine. For our first dinner on our diet, we went to check out Torimatsu in Gardena for some yakitori.

Beer is never off the “okay” list for any diet.

One of the things I love about Japanese food is that everything is so precise.

Salt shaker? Not on my watch!

We ordered a set of ten items that the chef picks chooses, so if you can identify or correct the names of any of the stuff we ate, please go ahead and leave a comment. I’ve seen places use electric grills to get more even heat, but there’s something really cool about doing it the original way with wood charcoal.

Chicken meatballs.

On the right, chicken wing. I’m not positive about what’s on the right. It has the consistency of steak, but tasted like chicken. Although this is supposedly authentic yakitori, I did see they have duck on the menu.

Gizzards. Tough, chewy, flavorful.

Quail eggs.

Stuffed lotus and stuffed bell pepper. I really like the stuffed lotus. It’s got a great crunch, and the chicken flavor comes through much more than expected.

Tofu on a stick, the non stinky variety.

Chicken skin.

Guess what? Chicken butt! I think that’s what this is anyway.

Feeling a little adventurous. Rare chicken breast. You know how they say everything tastes like chicken? Rare chicken doesn’t taste like much. It’s got a great consistency though.

I know what some of you are thinking. Rare poultry?! We tried this under the assumption that they had  good source for chicken that was hopefully free range, rather than the standard 1,000 chicken crammed into a single coop. We figured the worst case scenario would be able to cut our diet short after speedy weight loss through food poisoning. None so far.

Since we had some friends with us that drove quite a ways, one food spot wouldn’t cut it. We stopped by Flossie’s for some soul food. Since we’re on a diet, we only ordered some fried chicken. No need for all the extra calories.

The chicken here is delicious, light and crispy on the outside and super juicy on the inside. Only a leg and a thigh each. Remember, we’re on a diet.

Three Months and Twelve Pounds Later

I have been dieting and exercising in the past three months in a competition with my coworkers to lose the highest percentage of weight. I’m not some calorie counter that has been counting every grain of rice. Weekends have been for me to eat whatever I want, including all-I-did-eat Korean BBQ. I checked my weight and I’m down twelve pounds! Hell yeah! That’s impressive for me especially since I’ve put on some muscle too. Who knew that my chest was screwed on upside down this whole time? The final weigh in is tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’m going to win, but I feel pretty good about my efforts and results so far.

Still it wouldn’t hurt to pad the results. Is anyone a doctor that wants to draw a few pints of blood from me tonight? I’ll split the winnings with you.

Big Food

I’ve started my new year’s resolution to lose some weight and get in better shape. In order to help myself I am watching Food Inc. and Supersize Me during my sick day at home in order to develop some irrational hatred for food.

Food Inc. is more about big business and the efficiencies that slip through their fingers as they tighten their grip to gain efficiency. It just happens to be about the food industry. It makes me want to start a vegetable garden and raise some chickens in my backyard just to stick it to the man.

I haven’t eaten a whole lot of fast food recently, because I know it’s not good for me. Supersize Me just seemed to be one of those documentaries about doing dumb things just to get some attention. We all know the food at fast food restaurants is bad for you. Cut it out.

All this movie watching has made me hungry. I’m going to get something to eat, but not McDonald’s. I’m going to In-N-Out!