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Giacomo’s & Mike’s Pastry

Two of my cousins went to MIT, and the third one is currently still enrolled there. When I asked about things to do in Boston, I got very mixed suggestions. One of the suggestions was pretty solid all across the board, Italian food at Giacomo’s on the North End.

The place is small like most places on the North End, so there’s a wait. A line forms outside the restaurant and people are willing to stand for up to a couple hours just to get into this restaurant. I wonder what happens when it starts to snow.

caprese salad-bufala mozarella,fresh tomato,basil and virgin oil

fried calamari

shrimp and lobster pasta.

half lobster & mussels pasta.

Giacomo’s is worth waiting for, because the wait isn’t about just standing around. You can have someone in your party walk half a block to Mike’s Pastry to pick up some treats.

They bake quite a few different treats in their shop.

This, however, is what they are known for, cannolis.

Delicious, cream-filled treats.

Here Michelle enjoys a cannoli with the line to Giacomo’s in the background.

While Mike’s Pastry makes a great pre dinner snack, just up the street past Mike’s is Modern Pastry. They are famous for their sfogliatelle. It’s a flaky, light pastry with filled witha  creamy filling. Unfortunately with as full as we were, these were readily handled before we could get any photos.

So if you’re ever in Boston, make this Italian meal tour on the North End. You won’t regret it.

The Summer of Beer & BBQs Has Begun!

Although the weather hasn’t been notified, summer is upon us.

Friday I brought home a grill I bought and told Tim, “If we can put it together fast, we can grill tonight.” Two hours and only five “that’s what she said” comments later, we were grilling in the dark. Fortunately I have some good flood lights in the backyard.

Looks like a pretty standard burger.

Wrong! Inside the patty lurks a burst of melted, cheesy goodness.

After having a bite to eat at another BBQ, Saturday evening found me at Beer Belly once more. Food and beers were excellent like the first time, but this time Michelle and I were convinced to try to Deep Fried Twinkie. I don’t think these appear on the standard list of food pairings, but it goes well with beer. I’d even suggest trying it with their root beer flight.

I hold in my hand, a glass of Black Tuesday. The reality of this beer is every bit as awesome as the speculation that surrounds it. It is incredible. Each sip goes from the very beginning all the way to the very end, full flavor enduring the entire time. Cherries, chocolate…you’d never guess this beer is near 20% ABV. Big tip of the hat to The Bruery for making their event run so smoothly.

So summer has begun for me, but not the type of summer that will have me sporting the banana hammock anytime soon. I’m fat and happy.

Melody Bar: Feelin’ Like a Celeb

With all this cold weather, Michelle said we should get a pot pie. I did a quick search to find out where to get one for dinner, but all that would come up was Marie Callender’s. I’ll go to the freezer section for one of those. It was just my luck that Melody Bar had a pot pie as one of its weekly specials, so we headed down to grab a warm meal on a cold day.

We started with the chicken sliders. I love these things.

We also decided to try one of their other specials, a Korean short rib taco. Yeah, everyone has done one of these before. While it’s nothing out of this world spectacular, it’s nice to go to a familiar setting to get a drink and have variety in the food from week to week. You don’t get that at other watering holes.

This is the pot pie. The ingredients are stewed together and then finished off with a pint of Newcastle. Finally it’s topped with a phyllo dough crust and popped in the oven to bake.

It reminded me of being home on a cold day with a Swansons frozen pot pie, but this one had more depth. It satisfied my need for that warm meal that felt like home.

We finished off the meal with some ice cream and churros, always a nice treat. Damn you, Melody Bar! I’m supposed to be on a diet.

The next day I heard Fergie stopped into Melody Bar for lunch with her husband. Looks like I’ll be rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s elite next time I show up. It’s all for the best. I mean, I’ve been out growing my current friends with my classiness and what not.

Also, don’t forget to try Bulleit Bourbon. Never had it before until that night. Delicious.

Sweet Tooth

I generally do not crave sweets. I’d rather eat a bag of chips than eat a donut or a bowl of ice cream 99% of the time, but once in a while I do enjoy something sweet. My sweet treat of choice would be brownies.

This is a brownie cookie ice cream sandwich that I made for myself one night. Yum.

New Toy

I mentioned a few weeks back that I ordered a Canon S95. Well it arrived a couple weeks ago, and I love it. To have manual control over settings in such a small form factor is great. I’m still trying to learn how to use a lot of the functions more quickly, but it’s a slow learning process. Here are some of the images I’ve taken so far with the camera, mostly of food.

This last one was taken at night, under an outdoor light. Taking this shot during the day is a no brainer, but I’m quite impressed with the camera’s ability to handle low light situations. I’m still trying to figure out which settings work best for food when in dive bar lighting, which is pretty much no lighting at all.

Now THAT is a donut.

One of our customers brought donuts for us, and he wasn’t playing around. He brought in the big guns. These treats were from The Donut Man in Glendora, CA. They’re Food Network famous.

Yes, that is a grown adult hand in the picture for size comparison. You can see the long, phallic looking donuts on top with some fruit stuffed donuts on the bottom.

Peach donut, anyone?

How about apple?

These things resemble Mexican Torta desserts more than donuts.

Apple, raisin, and cinnamon live inside this beast.

They even have some fruit cream donuts. In the words of Homer Simpson, “Purple is a fruit.”

I’m not big on sweets. I only had a small bite of one of the phallic donuts (you know me likey), but it was enough for me to recommend this place for anyone looking for a sweet treat. This is a place that I think people who like sweets will enjoy.

Ho Duk

After a meal in K-Town on Friday we decided to find a place that sells Ho Duk, which Michelle described as a sweet pancake. Apparently there aren’t a lot of places that sell this but Michelle knew. What’s this place called? I think it’s called that cart in the parking lot of the Korean market that sells those dessert pancakes. More specifically it’s in front of California Market on 5th Street and Western Avenue.

Here’s the cart. When the nice man in the cart tells you it’s hot, you best believe him.

This pastry tastes like a churro that you’d get from Disneyland but with less sugar, and you won’t have to bend over and take it in the butt from Mickey just to get this sugary treat. They’re only $1 each.

Behind on Documenting Meals

I’ve been quite busy with work, so much so that the blog hasn’t gotten much attention. It’s amazing how much real work you can get done when you’re not running around in circles on the Internet.

Although its only been one full week since we started our “no white flour” diet, it seems like forever. This dinner excursion to Sazon Latin Fusion was so long ago that I don’t know if I remember what we ate that night. I’ll post the images and describe them as best I can.

Chips and guacamole. They give you more chips, but they put two in the guacamole to be decorative. Remember, it’s fusion.

Empanadas. We tried four out of the five types. These were delicious.


Pollo Saltado. I’m used to seeing this dish with bite-size pieces of chicken off the bone. I had a bite of the chicken and remember this one being really juicy.

Sazón Chicken. It’s stuffed with plantain paste and covered in mole sauce. The flavor on this was good, but it was a bit dry unless you got a bite with the sauce and plantain paste. That’s the way it’s supposed to be eaten, but the meat could have been done better.

This was Michelle’s dish. I believe this was the Machaca Plate, ordered because it was spicy. It looks the least appetizing, but it was really good. The sauce had a real nice, fresh heat to it.

Flan. The girls will tell you that this is excellent here. They would go back just for this.

Bread pudding. It’s good, but in the end it’s still just bread pudding.

Natilla. This is normally done with a consistency like dulce de leche, but here they thicken it up so it has more of a cheesecake texture. I really enjoyed this for the texture.

I would come back here, because I think this place has some good dishes. None of the main dishes we ordered were mind blowing, but the empanadas and desserts were excellent. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt to return to find a dish that I really enjoy.

Too Much Cheesecake

Working with food manufacturers is great, but sometimes it gets too be too much when you visit too many companies that make similar products.

There’s an ice cream cheesecake in the freezer too.

Everyone got crabs but me.

This weekend we decided to get some seafood on the Redondo Beach Pier. There’s a popular crab house there, but I can’t eat crab.  I’m allergic. Pity me. Still there were plenty of other delicious things to eat.


You can see the carnage here from the meal. Michelle has an exceptionally large pile of shells in front of her. She doesn’t waste any time when it comes to eating.


This is a spicy fish soup. It’s delicious.


These little guys were still moving a bit when they arrived at our table. Undeterred by our squeamish tendencies, we took on this plate well. They are so sweet and delicious.

Afterward we decided to get some dessert and coffee at a nearby restaurant.


I think this one was the Green Tea Tiramisu.


Chocolate cake, which lived up to its name. It was like chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.


And just because…fuck yeah bokeh!