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Deep Dish Pizza: Meh.

There is a constant war going on between the people, who love their pizza in the New York style versus the people who love deep dish pizza. To me this is like arguing whether you want to get a treat or kicked in the groin. I’m not a fan of deep dish pizza, and I remember disliking it a lot the last time I was in Chicago. Since Michelle had never tried deep dish pizza in Chicago, I figured why not give it another shot.

We decided to try our deep dish pies at the birth place of the deep dish pizza.

I have to say I did not hate the deep dish pizza this time around. It was flavorful, and the crust was crisp throughout each bite. The down side to these pizzas is that there are times you get a mouthful of almost nothing but tomato sauce. Also in order to get the pie crisp, it takes a lot of oil, which you can really taste in certain bites as the oil probably pooled to that one spot in the pan.

Still, Pizzeria Uno had other things going for it like a nice Bloody Mary.

Also, Goose Island beers make everything a little better. Honker’s Ale on the left. 312 on the right.

I’m still a fan of New York Style pizza over Chicago Style, but I won’t go as far as to say I hate the deep dish pie now. Each type of pizza has its place. Chicago deep dish’s place just won’t be my stomach if I’m given the choice.