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Star Wars Nerds Unite!

I mentioned that I got to go to the Hollywood Bowl to see Star Wars in Concert with Michelle. It was absolutely amazing.

Finally, I can wear my hoodie without fear of judgement.

OMG! It’s starting. Luke and Leia are sitting in front of us too!

Darth Vader! Michelle looked at her hoodie and said, “That’s me!”

Mr. Anthony Daniels, C3P0 himself narrated the show.

They had some really cool animations and sketches they showed during the show.

The firing of the Death Star’s primary weapon, a superlaser created by the hypermatter reactor.

How dare you fall asleep during this awesome display of awesomeness!

Special effects and screen display aside, the orchestra was fantastic. I would find myself bobbing my head to the music of my favorite sci-fi franchise and then realize the music was being played live. Incredible performance.

Those are all light sabers, being swayed back and forth along to the music. These are my people.

This was such a great experience. Many thanks to Michelle’s dad and mom, who not only tolerate my love for geeky things like this, but also encourage it by getting us the tickets. Michelle is on her way to joining the Dark Side, which is the best side because “evil will always triumph over good, because good is dumb.”

We are Star Wars.

There are good things about going home for a visit and there are bad things. The good things are being able to stay all day and do four loads of laundry for free. The down side is that each time I go I have to clean up some of my old stuff. My mom is determined to have me moved out completely this summer. I prefer to call my old room the Matt Shrine and Exhibition and leave it exactly how I last left it.

Digging through my closet, my mom ran across these. Michelle gave these to me a long time ago. She wants to throw them away. Throw them away? They’re us! Star Wars! M’s! There couldn’t be a more fitting set of toys for us.

Strike them down and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete.

Helping the Economy, Not the Cool Factor


I’ve been freaking out over buying a house recently and realizing I can afford very little in the market. I told Michelle, “No more spending!” When she found out I passed up these bobble heads, she went ahead and bought them for me. It’s okay. We can be happy living with my parents forever.