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Riding in Circles

Since I’ve picked up biking, Michelle has wanted to go with me. I fixed her old bike up a bit and we’ve ridden around in circles inside her gated community. I don’t need the scenery for the bike ride, so I’d be glad to do that, except the speed bumps hurt me in special areas.

Today was our first adventure outside on public roads and pathways together. I planned a route through the nearby neighborhoods. The reason we rode around the neighborhood was because we didn’t want to ride on any major thoroughfares. Having only biked along the beach, the hills in the area made for a pretty good workout.

Our 4.5 mile route to nowhere.

Biker Gang

Last night I spent some time with Kyung. He’s moving up north for work, and this was one of my last chances to see him before he takes off. We decided on biking from PV to Hermosa for a few drinks. Harrison and Susan joined us. I thought this wouldn’t be a problem like last time, since we were only going half the distance. Nope! Ariane and Gregg were running a little behind, so we had time to go all the way to El Segundo again before hitting Hermosa. I was also hoping Susan would be the weak link and let me travel at a slow pace, but apparently spin classes really do work. It wasn’t nearly as bad as last time though.

Trying make rude gestures for the photo. Crotches forward!

Susan and Harrison, looking like a newspaper delivery boy.

Trying to get creative with the camera. Who’s got the lightsaber?

Almost at the end.

He’s making a break for it!

These last couple pictures were taken at the end of our ride, by the refinery in El Segundo. I wasn’t sure which of these pictures looked more stupid, so I’ll let you guys decide. As the timer counted down for these pictures Kyung yelled, “Yeah, bikes!” It’s the same chant he has when he gets excited for anything.

Harrison looks grumpy.

Fun times.

3-Day Weekend = Good Time

Today is my Friday. I took tomorrow off, because:

I really love the Olympics.
I have to celebrate 08/08/08.
I’m going to bike to a bar and try to ride back home.

While the rest of you may not have taken the time off, make sure you have a good time with your regular weekend. Take some risks. You never know what you’ll find.

I Think I Broke Me

Yesterday I went biking with Andrew and Fred along the beach. I have not ridden a bike in sixteen years, nor have I done any cardio working in quite a while. Let me tell you. My pushup regiment does not help in the cycling arena.

This was our approximate route, eight miles in each direction. I am not ashamed to admit that this was far too long for my first ride in over one and a half decades. I think I could have much better managed a trip to Hermosa, grabbing a beer at Hennessy’s, and turning around. Instead we went all the way to the power plant in El Segundo.

Here’s the proof we went to El Segundo. I would have used flash, but the low light makes us look better, and the background comes out. You can see storage tanks and stacks behind us. I’m smiling, but I am in a world of pain. My legs were on fire any time I tired to pedal faster than cruising speed. I had to stop at each pier to rest my legs.

To top it off, my seat was very uncomfortable. You know the part on your body where your butt starts to form from the front to the back? That whole area was going numb. There was definitely a lack of circulation going on down there. I kept trying to stand and pedal to get off my seat, but my legs wouldn’t let me do that for long. You know that annoying, shooting sensation you get when you have a part of your body fall asleep, and you move to a position that lets the blood start moving? Imagine that, where your undercarriage resides and for two hours. I need to get one of those big squishy seats.

I got back and my legs felt like they were going to fall off. I figured I would have trouble walking today. Surprisingly my legs don’t hurt very much, but I think that’s only because my ass hurts so bad. (Insert gay jokes here.) My ass is bruised and sore, and I’m honestly afraid to use the bathroom. I’ll leave you with that. Think about that image this weekend.

I Don’t Even Know Me!

A week ago I was talking on the phone with Michelle when Andrew called me. He said he was coming over shortly. I told Michelle I forgot that Andrew was going to come over and take a look at my bike, so we could go riding sometime. Michelle blurted out, “[You, riding a bike?] I don’t even know you!” I’m going riding tomorrow for an hour or two. If you told me two weeks ago that I would be riding a bike for fun and exercise and doing a pushup routine for six weeks, I would have called you crazy. Why do I have this sudden urge to do these activities? I don’t know if I have a good answer for that. I guess I get tired of work, which consumes most of my life. While new challenges are always present, it still seems so monotonous. I put these little activities in to change the scenery without changing focus on the big thing, work.

My goal for tomorrow is to ride without having my butt fall asleep. Those seats just don’t come with enough cushion. I don’t have any long term cycling goals, as this may be a one time thing, but who knows? Maybe you’ll be accusing me of doping in the next Tour de France.