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Komodo Truck

The craze has died down somewhat for chasing food trucks. If you happen to be near a place where the food trucks show up, it’s definitely a convenient meal, but the awe is gone as the market got over saturated. Still I haven’t eaten at 90% of these trucks, so I’m still up for trying them out if they’re close.

One day when I was working from home, I noticed Komodo was going to be at NPR. It doesn’t get much closer to me than that so I decided to take a look.

While I was in line I saw something that caught my eye.

That’s never a good sign when the people serving you food stopped at McDonald’s before they showed up to work, but at least it’s an Egg McMuffin. Everyone loves those.

The garlic fries with Parmesan cheese and truffle oil are good. Lots of garlic and cheese, two things that I can’t get enough of in my diet. They could have put that on a tin can and I probably would have eaten it.

Asian Marinated Chicken Taco. This tastes like soy sauce eggs, which I’m not a fan of so this is nothing special.

This is the Java Taco. Cucumber salad to top this one? Some peppers work better in my mind. This tastes too fresh.

Blazin’ Shrimp Taco. Look a look at the picture they have on their website versus what I have here. There’s nothing blazin’ about this shrimp whatsoever. Big thumbs down on this one.

So it doesn’t look like all I do is nitpick about food, I saved the best for last. This is the Komodo Taco. The steak is nicely cooked and corn salsa they have topping this one is delicious as well.

While they only had a success rate of 1/4 for their tacos, their fries were delicious. Still when the hunger comes calling, you won’t find me at the Komodo Truck. You’ll find me at the local taco truck that serves real tacos for a dollar. I’ll be saving money and going 4/4 on the delicious scale.

Sublime…without Rome

One lazy Friday evening Michelle and I were in the same place we always are, sitting in our apartment and trying to figure out what to eat. We decided to try Sublime Food Lounge. I had seen it plenty of times online in my searches for local eateries but never stopped in to taste.

Yet again this meal was so long ago that I couldn’t tell you exactly what we ate since it was off the specials menu. I guess I’ll have to eat here again to let you know.

Samosa House East

Michelle and I often go back and forth about what we’re going to eat for dinner. Cooking is generally not an option for us unless we want to eat pasta or kim chi fried rice every night. One day she said she would pick up Samosa House, a place that we drive by constantly but have never tried.

The samosas.

Who knew not eating meat could taste so good?

Damn you, trendy Vietnamese noodle shops!

Add another pho restaurant to the list of restaurants that have clever names. Pho Show in Culver City has used its name to draw in sometimes reluctant West Siders to try Vietnamese cuisine. This restaurant is different though. It doesn’t suck like most pho shops within six miles of the coast. That means a lot, especially coming from this guy who doesn’t think much of pho anyway.

Fresh ingredients for the pho. What’d you expect for a joint on the West Side? You can’t have wilted basil and limp bean sprouts. People would be up in arms.

Other pho spots in the area tend to make the broth way too salty, probably catering to over-Americanized taste buds. This broth was good, flavorful yet light at the same time.

Dumpling. Plump, juicy, and seared perfectly for a nice combination of textures.

Here’s the greatest part. You can eat pho after tossing back some cocktails at your favorite bar. They know their audience.

While this place is what I consider the “Best of the West (Side)” for pho, it doesn’t stand up to the pho joints farther east. Rent out west can’t be cheap either, so the dishes are a bit pricey. Still, it’s nice to know that I don’t have to trek thirty minutes just to get a decent bowl of pho, even at midnight.

Things I’ve Eaten Recently

Here are some things I’ve eaten recently that don’t deserve their own posts.

Gyenari for happy hour. I really like the ginger ribs. It’s not the best rib meat you’ll have by any means, but it’s a sweet bite.

The Original Thai BBQ Restaurant. I wonder if it really is the original.

Carne con Chile Verde at El Compadre in Echo Park. Despite the fact that I had to use my Droid as a flashlight to take a picture, this is good gringo Mexican food.

What are really good at El Compadre are the Flaming Margaritas.

Sometimes the simplest meals are the best.  Mabo tofu.

I think I’ve gained all the wedding weight loss back and more.

Lunch for Dinner

Why would you name a place Lunch if it serves more than that? It’s so limiting. Fortunately, I’m not into labels and can look past something like this. It’s a good thing I did too because the food here is tasty.

The sangria here is very light and refreshing. Normally I only think this about white wine sangria.

Calamari. The more tentacles, the better.

Steak sandwich. I had a few bites of this one, and I was not digging the Gorgonzola cheese in it. It’s not really a taste I like, but other than that it’s an awesome sandwich. Steak is cooked perfectly, complimented well by the caramelized onions.

Cuban Sandwich.

Pork loin, ham, swiss, pickles, dilljionnaise, all on a french roll.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or something in between Lunch gets my nod of approval for a meal. Hot sandwiches always have a special place for me. They’re a casual snack, turned into a real meal and Lunch does this well.

Downtown Culver City Summer Nights

Since the wedding, Michelle and I have been pretty lazy. Yes, we no longer have a wedding to worry about, but we can’t bring ourselves to be productive in other areas. Our place is still a mess of wedding paraphernalia, and we really haven’t cooked very much. In one of many unproductive nights, we decided to check out Culver City Summer Block Parties. These special Wednesday nights, although labeled summer, run through October apparently. At five minutes to 7:00 PM I said, “We should go to Culver Hotel. They’re having free, passed mini appetizers on the hour.” Before I could get a response, Michelle was out the door and I was following her.

Some popcorn to munch on while we decide what to eat.

Meatball. It tastes…like a meatball. What does a good meatball taste like anyway?

Mini grilled cheese bites were also being served. I could really do without the sourdough bread, but Gruyere is an excellent choice.

Here are the mini sausage corn dogs with spicy mustard and ketchup.

Chicken drummettes. For the life of me I cannot remember what this tasted like other than that I know I really liked the sauce.

I do remember this. Steak sandwich. Give me this any day over any of the gourmet burger joints in Los Angeles.

Jackson Market

Michelle and I were told about this particular food place a long time ago by Liz. We never bothered to look for it until just recently.

If you drive through our neighborhood you’ll see apartment buildings and homes lining the streets. A couple blocks down the road you’ll see Jackson Market.

They sell things any grocery store would carry, like cereal and bread but also a great assortment of sodas, teas, sports drinks, and juices.

You’re going to need those drinks if you’re going order a fresh, deli sandwich.

The sandwiches are good, made with fresh ingredients.

While it’s a nice place to get a sandwich, the food isn’t what makes this place special.

They have the nicest patio in the back, where you can enjoy your meal in the shade.

There’s even a little pond with goldfish in it.

Who would’ve thought such a place existed, tucked into a quiet neighborhood with homes on each side?

If you’re ever in the mood for a sandwich and a leisurely lunch on a warm day, give us a call. In fact don’t let Michelle find out you went here without calling her. This is our spot now.

Happy Ending at a Thai Place

I’ve been missing in action on my blog. I’ve had to attend a couple memorial services for people that passed away far too young, one of these services being in Michigan. It’s been a physically and emotionally exhausting week, but I’m starting to kick back into action.

I’m way behind on my meals. Over a week ago Michelle and I decided to stop into Swanya Thai. The place is what you would expect for a restaurant on the west side. It’s clean, modern looking and definitely not as raw in appearance as a place like Jitlada.

Just don’t confuse it with the massage joint next door with the same name.

Crying Tiger Pork. The sauce is great and I do love working for my meal, and the lightly charred pork provides that texture.

Shrimp in red curry.

Chicken curry.

Duck in red curry. This one is awesome. The creaminess of the curry is only enhanced by the oil from the duck meat. I could eat this dish every day.

Swanya Thai is the cross between your takeout Thai places and the more coarse flavors you might find in Thai Town restaurants. I think it does justice to real Thai food while offering flavors that are inviting enough for even the most unadventurous customers. I enjoyed it so much the first time I went that I went again that same week.

They let you choose how spicy you want your food on a scale from 1-5. Picking a 3 gives it a subtle kick to it while keeping it bearable and making sure your butthole doesn’t get revenge on you later that day,  something that cannot be said about some of the other Thai spots in Thai Town.

Michelle checked out the massage place one afternoon and said it was good. Five massages and you get a free meal next door. That would definitely be a happy ending.

You got some ‘splanin’ to do!

Michelle: I have a confession.
Me: What is it?
Michelle: I drove to Tender Greens.
Me: What?! It’s a 3-minute walk! Where did you park?
Michelle: At a meter.

We need to have a long discussion about our expenses.