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Holy crap! Noodles on the West Side!

Noodle Club is back! While we are still not accepting applications for membership, there is one way into the club. Be born into it.

This is Delphi, known as Noodle Baby.

Because Noodle Baby doesn’t like to be kept up past her bedtime, we stayed close to her home. We checked out the relatively new 101 Noodle Express in the Culver City Westfield Shopping Center. It’s a fast food version of an actual noodle joint in San Gabriel Valley.

The Noodle Club deciding what to eat. Unfortunately they were out of  all of their sides and seafood. This is probably only a problem in a small setup like in a mall. Still it was disappointing not to be able to try the full range of menu items.

Beef Noodle Soup.

Dan Dan Mein.

Beef Rolls.

In an area where good noodles are hard to come by, 101 Noodle Express is a welcome sight. The noodles were a bit chewy, and I have a feeling that has something to do with the fact that everything is served in disposable plastic bowls that can’t take the heat. Other than noodles being a bit chewy, I was pleasantly surprised with the food, still maintaining a flavor pretty consistent to what I’m used to in other joints that serve these same dishes. It is an odd experience though to eat Taiwanese noodles without hearing anyone speak Chinese or worrying about whether the chef was picking his nose.

If you’re trapped on the West Side, 101 Noodle Express is definitely a place I would check it. It’s not going to blow your mind, but it will definitely provide a fix for your Taiwanese noodle cravings. Plus, what other noodle joint has five shoe stores in it?

Going to Miss this City…Tavern

City Brew has opened up in Culver City! Huzzah! Too bad I’ll be moving out in a few weeks. *sad trombone*

There are taps at the tables! And computers!

A computer that tells you what you had to drink! I wonder what OS it runs.

Pouring your own beer has never been so much fun!

The Brew Burger.

Grilled Cheese.

Pork Belly.

Cheesy Poofs. Cartman would love these.

NY Strip Steak.

Cooked medium rare.

Mushrooms. Taste the butter.

Chocolate Tart.

The food here is decent, but I don’t think it’s a place that I would come back just to have the food. It’s definitely catering to the trend in LA spots that you’re not quite sure whether they are more bar or more restaurant.

Unfortunately for us, it became more restaurant pretty quickly. I guess they were still working out some kinks in their tap software. All the taps at the tables broke for about an hour, while they were debugging the software.

Fortunately there was plenty of beer to order at the bar.

It runs openSUSE! I’ll have to jump on this thing and LICQ bomb people.

If you can understand this, you haven’t had enough to drink.

Aww, we drank all our beer.

City Tavern is a nice joint that’s got a good thing going for it. LA is so enamored with the craft beer thing, and City Tavern is going to capitalize on that. Craft beer is something I enjoy, but the question always remains. What do I play beer pong and flip cup with then?

This is not Indian or Thai food

On a rainy and cold day, Michelle and I were trying to figure out what to do for dinner. Delivery was the easy choice, but the default Thai food didn’t interest me. After perusing the web for a while Michelle suggested Jasmine Market.

Rice Noodle Fish Soup. This soup is filled with fried peas. It’s an interesting texture combination. If you don’t like things that taste fishy, steer clear of this one.

Coconut chicken noodle soup. The coconut taste is stronger than in Thai curry dishes. I’m not a big fan of coconut, but this dish is pretty good.

Trimming with the meal.

Lamb curry. This is the Indian flavor side of things.


This food was actually pretty close to the food we had at the Burmese Food Festival. It’s good, and I’d definitely return to try other things. It’s sad that I don’t have much time in the Culver City area.

PS. I’m writing this post drunk as I try to relax my back from pulling it this weekend. *sad trombone*

To summarize my weekend…beer.

This weekend was filled with a lot of beer.

Home brew setup. Not mine.

A lot of tasting, both commercial beers and home brews.

The Bruery in Orange County.

More tasting.

Of course there was food too, so I didn’t get drunk.

Yes, I realize this wasn’t much of a post, but it’s hopefully the start of getting myself back on track with regular posts. Stay tuned…

Fraiche, Culver City

In our efforts to enjoy living in Los Angeles before we depart, we went to dine at Fraiche. It’s easy access and delicious food.

Some drinks to start the evening.

I got the Babe, which is a bacon infused bourbon drink. As you can see in this photo, bacon doesn’t infuse so much as it does just floats around. Still while you’re very aware that the drink has bacon in it, it’s not as gross as it seems. The bacon adds a nice sweetness to the drink.

Just bread, but I like that they decided to serve it off of wood from wine crates.

I ordered this because it said chorizo. When it came out in a jar, I was confused.

I’m so glad I ordered it though. We ate all the bread very easily.

Rabbit Garganelli.

Squid Ink Pasta.

Caramel Budino with Vanilla Mascarpone topped with a sprinkle of Sea Salt.


Everyone has been waiting for this place to open, mostly because it was already supposed to be open. I really don’t read up on restaurant openings, but I heard about this one, because it was expected to happen about a half dozen times. Well, the wait is finally over, so Michelle and I went to check out Lukshon with fellow Culver City resident, Andrea.

The ambiance was very nice, as expected from the usual consumers running around Culver City’s Helm’s Bakery area.

Here is how they serve their wine. This gets a big thumbs up in my book.

I opted for the Red Hitachino Rice Ale. Where’s my laboratory glassware?

We started with the scallops, topped with water chestnuts. Great combo of soft and crunchy.

Then came the chicken pops. I won’t tell you who, but someone at the table asked where the pop was on the chicken. These have a little bit of spiciness that hangs with you after all the pops are gone.

Lamb Sausage Roti with pickled cauliflower. Great texture on this one too. The roti was light,  flaky, and crispy.

Dan Dan Noodles. Before the waiter put our order down for this he wanted to make sure we liked spicy, because a previous customer almost passed out because she wasn’t read for it. I don’t know what kind of bland food that person is eating, but this is not spicy. The chicken pops had more heat than this dish. Still the dish was delicious and the noodles had a nice firmness to them.

After dinner coffee.

Complimentary dessert. I wish I had wrote about this before now, because I cannot remember what this was, but I do recall it being delicious.

Like I said, delicious.

Have an awesome weekend.

We were at In-N-Out pretty late when we saw a cab pull up in the drive-thru. I thought for a second the cab driver was craving a burger, but then the guy in the back seat rolled down the window. He looked blitzed out of his head.

Hope your weekend is as awesome as this guy’s weekend.

A-Frame? Nay-Frame.

Last night Michelle and I decided it was a good time to check out A-Frame. It’s a new place that is pretty popular, so we figured the rain would scare people away. On top of the weather we went at 5:30 PM, because are are an old, married couple.

Our plan to get there early worked.

Maybe it worked too well. The place was empty.

We started with some cocktails. I had the Anchorman, and Michelle had the Sevilla. These drinks are decent. Michelle’s drink was better than mine. She thinks we should tell our bartender friend in Argentina to learn this one.

The crab cakes. I wish I could tell you what these tasted like, but sadly I am allergic to crab. The looked good though.

The chicken wings don’t look like much, but they’re tasty. Each one doesn’t overwhelm you with heat, but after eating three in a row you can feel it slowly start to build up. It’s nice, but you can only eat so many. It’s very heavy.

The ribs. I’m not sure what it is about them, but they immediately make me think of a Chinese restaurant. The same thing goes for the ribs as the chicken. After eating a couple, it just feels heavy because of the sauce.

Clam chowder. This was flavorful, but it should not be called clam chowder. Clam chowder is a thick, creamy concoction that you eat at the pier in San Francisco. This is too runny, so much so that I didn’t even want to use my fake Boston accent to call it, “chowdah.”

We knew we were slowly racking up the bill, but we decided why not try some dessert. We decided on the Chu-Don’t-Know-Mang. Pound cake churros with malted chocolate milk and vanilla ice cream. This was delicious. I might come here just for this.

It totally skipped my mind that A-Frame was the creation of Roy Choi, the chef behind Kogi and Chego. He likes his food to pack a flavor punch, which I can handle only so much. I’d like to call A-Frame Saucelandia, because whether the food is plated already smothered in it or if it comes in huge dipping portions on the side, there is plenty of sauce to be had here. Like with Chego I have no desire to go back to this place for at least the next six months. It’s too much for me.

Sunday Lunch in Culver City

My friend Lorenzo has been taking GMAT classes on the West Side on Sundays so he and I decided to grab some lunch together. I threw out a bunch of options, but he liked the Let’s Be Frank idea. I was very pleased because this hot dog stand is only open during the day, closed at nights. I’ve never known a place to g0 get hot dogs, except grilled on a shopping cart outside of a club at 1:00 AM.

The cart.

They offer the usual fair to garnish your dogs, but they also offer this sauce to top your dogs.

Here is the hot dog, juicy and well grilled and garnished with some onions and sauerkraut.

Still hungry but wanting to try something different, we strolled over to Pinches Tacos.

The decor is very authentic Dia de los Muertos.

This was a solid taco. The steak was perfectly charred and still very tender.

The fish taco was mediocre. I wish I was still hungry after this taco. I would have had another asada taco.

Check out Let’s Be Frank for a good hot dog, and make sure you try their Devil Sauce. If you’re still hungry, Pinches Tacos is right around the corner. Go with the asada tacos. They’re delicious.

Pixel Pushers

On the same night we went to check out the Sanrio Small Gift event, we decided to check out the opening of another exhibit around the corner from our place. Giant Robot and SCION put together an event called Pixel Pushers. It was centered around a SCION that Giant Robot modeled after the Famicom.

Pachinko machines were available for people to play with at the exhibit.

They had a Giant Robot created video game there called Return of the Quack.

Here are some of the super high definition characters from the game.

The plans for designing the Famicom car.

The Giant Robot Famicom car. If you look at the from left headlight, it’s lit up because it’s a projector pushing Return of Quack to a wall in the exhibit.

The car is designed with controllers in place. Did you notice the ignition and the outer door handles are designed after the buttons on the original controllers?

There was some interesting 8-bit art there as well.

I don’t know what the actual name of this piece was, but I like to call it, “Long Live 8-Bit!”

Dissection charts of some of our favorite 8-bit characters.

It was a great way for dads to share their love of video games with their kids.

The back of the car flipped down too with a Wii and second projector, where the exhaust pipe would normally be located.

With all the great new technology coming out surrounding video games, I don’t think 8-bit will ever die. People love the original games and will always create new games in the 8-bit fashion to honor them. I am behind that mentality all the way.