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Valentine’s Day Coupons

Valentine’s Day is only one week away. You want to do something nice for that special someone, but everything seems so cliche. Fancy dinners and flowers have been done over and over, so what can you do to stay creative and fresh? Don’t worry. I’m here to help out. I’ve created these awesome coupons for you to use. I didn’t even put a watermark on them so you can claim you made them yourself.

Click for details.

Some might wonder, why would I do something like this? I’m a giver. That’s why my own relationship is going so well. I just want you all to be as happy as I am.

Stimulate the Economy and Other Things

It’s not just America that is in the economic dumpster. The whole world isn’t doing so hot in this global economy, but some industries are doing something about it. The oldest profession in the world isn’t going down without a fight, offering lower prices and frequent pervert incentives. One of these establishments is offering a 6-hour smorgasbord of food, drink, and sex for seventy Euros. That’s about $100! Do you know what kind of a deal that is for that kind of service?

I think the hookers in America have been over valuated. We must be in some kind of hooker speculation bubble that is about to burst.