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Happy Halloween!

Our first Halloween pumpkins as a married couple with some friends.

Pumpkin guts.

Iron Man pumpkin turned vampire. Tetris pumpkin? Picasso pumpkin. Big lips pumpkin. Sad pumpkin.

It’s me and Michelle!

The first thing Michelle and I did on Saturday was attend a fundraiser for a school for students with learning disabilities. Michelle dressed up as Hello Kitty.

Afterward our friends dressed up and hit up a karaoke joint.

Singing wouldn’t be complete without the original American Idol judges.

The DC Comics gang and the devil.

Batman and the Gnome, Issue 345 DC Comics.

Brian Wilson and Tim Lincecum showed up. He’s a die hard Giants fan. She is a supporting wife that didn’t understand what would be so bad about going to a taco truck at one o’clock in the morning in Giants gear in Doyers town.

I was a civil engineer? Or a Chilean miner? That mask I’m wearing? Look at the previous photo. The mask is in that picture. That’s what the guy in the Brian Wilson costume looks like without the beard. I went as him for Hallowen in 2006, and I still had some extra masks left over.

2006: I’m the one in the back, middle. You can’t even tell it’s a mask.

Hope everyone else had a great day of costumed fun. Now to gorge myself on the candy that everyone else’s kids collected.

Halloween Weekend

I missed Halloween last year, because I had too much work and needed to rest. This year threatened to be the same story with a different year. I was even too tired to hand out candy, but sadly and fortunately not a single kid came by the house. I didn’t even hear a single “trick or treat” shouted. One of my friends must have put me on the sex offenders website as a prank…yes, a prank.

A last minute, game-time call and some crappy costume making put us on our way to Melody Bar & Grill. This place is a lot of fun, karaoke on Mondays, but the best part is the food. It’s not what you’d expect from a bar, but the chicken sliders are killer. I’m drooling just thinking about them.


It’s the first Halloween Michelle and I did a costume together.


Herr Drosselmeyer, Pedophile Scoutmaster, Greasy Mullet 80’s Rocker, King Awesome.


This mustache smells like rare steak and tripe!

Me: Michelle, we’re home. Make sure you take your costume out of the car.
Michelle: Okay.


I found this on the floor of my bedroom.


This was in the entryway of the house.


This was hanging from the inside of the door.

IMG_6345And this was outside.

I know what I want to be for Halloween!

More than meets the eye!

2004: Drink Problems Away

The year 2004 brought in the realization that life was going to be real work until I turned old and gray. So like any young adult would do, I looked forward to weekends and drank until I couldn’t remember them.


Michelle and I still together. We loved weekends at Dave & Buster’s with friends, winning tickets, turning them in for stick hands, and then chasing each other around the place with them. I think it was our way to save our youth.




Not even enough time to draw his weapon!


I had a pretty good Halloween costume I threw together last minute. Hard to drink in this costume without a straw.

Michelle's Christmas Pictures043

New Year’s Eve with a little bit of the bubbly.

More historic moments to come and this time with more pictures, because I got a new camera.

Halloween: Maybe Next Year

This is the first Halloween in a long time that I will not be out at some party, dressed as something ridiculous. I just haven’t had time to put together a costume, not that ideas haven’t come to mind. Going as Twitter this year was the original plan before work got in the way. When I realized I wouldn’t have the time to pull that together, I thought I could just throw anything together just to go out. This came to mind, the adult size of course.

Two days ago I realized I was going to have to be far too tired to make it out. After handing out candy at home, I know all I will want to do is sit around. My job has never gotten in the way of my fun until now. I think a piece of me just died inside.

Happy Halloween!

This Saturday we headed out to a party thrown by one of Desiree’s friends. It was up in Encino. After fighting traffic to get up to the party, we headed into the party in costume. Halloween is always a fun time to go out and see people’s creativity expressed.


Michelle went as a boxer and I was as Dick in a Box.


How come his box is bigger? Must have something to do with the Hanukkah wrapping paper.


Michelle wasn’t the only one either.


Marilyn, a boxer, Bill Swerski, and a pirate.


There’s Waldo! He’s hanging out with a newspaper boy and an Irish Car Bomb.


Murderous Little Miss Muffet. Someone in velour. Geico caveman.


A taco and Jem.


Girls, it’s PRETEND fighting. Take it easy.


Someone always gets hurt.


Drinks abound.


Hannibal Lecter’s dinner and a show.


Clark Kent helps himself to my salty nuts.