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Screw Guitar Hero. Guitar Rising!

I’m tired of people commenting to me, “I thought you’d be better at Guitar Hero since you know how to play the real guitar.” What the hell? What if were to say the opposite? “Wow. You’re really good at Counterstrike. Have you ever thought of a career as a sniper in an anti-terrorism unit?” It’s nothing like a real guitar. It’s nothing like real music. It throws your rhythm of quite a bit when you don’t play to the beat. I’m pretty sure you can’t play a real song with half the notes too. Well fear no more, guitarded minions. There is Guitar Rising! I better go get my electric guitar back from my brother. I’m sure I could play with an acoustic, but that’s just not cool.

I Wet Myself


Apple announced a whole lot of other stuff at their Macworld keynote. Check it out.

Internet Findings

On my usual rounds on the Internet, I have stumbled across some gems as usual. None of them are related to each other, so away we go with the hodge-podge of discoveries.

Let’s start with bad idea inventions. Every boy dreams of his robot protector, but this has got to be the worst Transformer ever. Being bullied at school? You need…a calculator! That’s just going to get bullies to kick your ass even more. It’s about as useful as this firetruck that is bound to cause more fires flying down down the road.

There are some more useful things I’ve found in my browsing. LifeHacker has this article on bringing an old computer back to life with gOS. This is not an official operating system from Google, but it is a custom Linux system relying heavily on Google’s web applications. Next to nothing is needed for storage as Google provides the storage space for the applications.

It’s Apple Rumorville as usual. There is speculation Apple is in the works with Asus on a tablet PC. Some sites have even mocked up images for what it might look like. I’m excited as tablet PCs have been pretty poor in my opinion. Any chance to improve the UI and therefore usability is always a welcome invitation.

Although I think Apple would do a great job at a tablet, I would rather see them create a subnotebook. After all the recent attention the Eee PC has received, I really want a subnotebook for myself, something I can toss into any bag. This is something Apple could do better than what already exists in the market.

Last, I ran across this calorie counter for major fast food chains and their products. It’s one thing to know how many calories and how much fat you are putting int your body, but I think the study is incomplete. I want to correlate the numbers into a unit of measure that I call happiness points. If the calories from fat are high, happiness points are high as well. I’m going to get right on this study.

Why Rappers Love Apple

You might be riding on 22’s, but I’m blogging on a 17! Holla!