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Gabriel Iglesias

Michelle and I asked to be put on the special call back list if tickets for Gabriel Iglesias opened up at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. This club is special, because it is famous for paying new comics trying to get their start. For their generosity, a lot of the comics come back regularly even when they’ve become stars. Gabriel is one of these comics that hasn’t forgotten where he got his start and comes back on a monthly basis to do shows.¬†Yesterday I got a call saying tickets were available so we decided to check out the show.

As you can see, he is a very large man. It’s always the big guys that are funny. He absolutely killed the set and even did some improvising with the crowd.

He stuck around after the show to take pictures. MySpace just launched their new site, which is focusing heavily on musicians and comedians, so they had this little bench made for taking pictures. Gabriel was afraid to sit on it, so he took pictures standing behind it. He’s bigger than both Michelle and I combined! He’s a super friendly guy and so funny. Check out some of his material if you get a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

A Chinese Guy Who is Actually Funny

I ran across this video of a Chinese comedian on Letterman, and he’s got some pretty good jokes. His timing seems to be off and the crowd is probably laughing at his awkward pauses and nerdy apperance. Still, I had a pretty good laugh.

I’m just glad to see a Chinese guy, who isn’t a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.

Black Guy / White House

I beg to differ. Hilary Clinton had a huge ass.

Tropic Thunder. Get Some.

Last night I went to see a press screening of Tropic Thunder. The movie was hilarious! There was an all star cast of actors and quite a few cameos. I’m really not much of a Ben Stiller fan other than Zoolander. If you thought that was mildly funny, this is definitely a movie you have to see.

The movie is causing a little bit of stir amongst the mentally handicapped. The word “retard” is thrown around quite a bit during a 10-minute period in the movie, and people are taking to the streets. Do you think the mentally challenged even know what is going on here? I’m sure friends and family are trying to ensure people treat them well, but this movie isn’t calling for people to go hunt down the mentally challenged. Go see the movie.