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UCLA is China Man Friendly

Well, we have Norm Chow working as our offensive coordinator. This might be a slap in the face for USC, but it’s not for Pete Carroll. The two never got along really. So how did UCLA pick up Norm Chow?

He was recently fired from his job with the NFL team, the Tennessee Titans. He wasn’t NFL material, but he has a proven track record for college football. That makes him a good candidate for UCLA’s restructured football program. On top of that, Norm Chow still has a 2-year contract, worth more than 1 million dollars a season. Whatever the difference is between what Chow is owed on the contract and  UCLA pays, the Titan franchise still has to pay. UCLA can pay Chow next to nothing for two years and have him on board. Thanks, Titans!


UCLA has fired coaches that don’t meet up to its historical athletic excellence. In recent years with the help of the Internet, UCLA fans have expressed their desire to get rid of coaches with poor performance records. Domains like loselavin.com, firetoledo.com, and firedorrell.com have been used to oust these coaches. UCLA’s newest football coach, Rick Neuheisel, will be much harder to get rid of in this same manner. No one is going to know how to spell his name. Can you imagine trying to type www.fireneuheisel.com into a browser? I just hope he is a sorely needed gem of a coach, but I don’t want to have to find that website. Go Bruins!