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Chicago: Bean Town

I make no apologies for what a dork I am nor how incredibly giddy I got when I saw the Cloud Gate, and not even for the first time.

The Cloud Gate, better known as “The Bean” is the coolest thing in Chicago. If you look closely, you can see a bride and a groom taking some photos in the city’s skyline.

Look at this thing! It’s giant and shiny! What more could you ask for?

Can anyone guess which of these people is Michelle?

Freaking tourists.

Like I said, freaking tourists.

Please enjoy our front sides as well as our back sides at the same time.

I have no witty captions for these pictures. I love this piece of art.


I laughed when Michelle told me our friend said The Bean was the coolest thing he saw on his trip all over the United States. I said, “I’ve been there. It’s cool, but the best thing out of a dozen stops all over the states?” I stand corrected. I forgot just how awesome this sculpture is, and for that I apologize. Bean, you rock!