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Bring on the Pepto-Bismol

Michelle and I decided to broaden our domestic abilities by learning to cook some dishes. I have mastered kimchi fried rice, a dish that is pretty darn hard to mess up. Michelle made this delicious pasta dish as her first attempt in cooking in our apartment.

I’m not sure what this dish is called, but it’s got eggs and cheese in it. The one thing it’s missing is animal fat, preferably bacon. I think it would balance the dish off with same saltiness and nice color accent.

We’re on our way to being domestic. Now if we can only solve the problem of the exploding closet.

Pick your jaw up off the floor. We’re not that bad. That was during our whole move-in process.

I love geeky apparel.

I’m working from home, because I am under the weather. I don’t feel so great, but it’s not a bad day to stay home. It’s cold and wet outside, and then a package arrived. I wasn’t even expecting anything, which is even more exciting. I opened the package to find two Android t-shirts.

Thanks to my people at Google for these lovely shirts. Yes, I said I have people at Google.

The Devil Wears Nada

No, this isn’t a post about clever titles to adult films, but that’s fun too. Inspect Her Gadget, Glad He Ate Her, and Good Will Humping are some of the greats.

I’m talking about people’s desire to own name brands. Why do people feel compelled to own items with certain names associated with them?

They’re designed better. Have you ever walked through any number of mass merchandise retailers and looked at the clothing? It’s like being in a universe devoid of good designers. I can’t figure out why. The basic designs are the same, but they just don’t do it right.


On the left is a simple plaid pattern on a pair of board shorts. On your right is your mass merchandise retailer’s spin on the design. No thank you.


On the left is a striped polo shirt. Over on the right side you have a shirt with stripes that are done far too small. It just looks blurry and chaotic.

Dear Target and Others,

Pay for some real designers. I would gladly pay an extra 10% for the better designs.



That Classic Movie About Aliens. Coneheads?

I came home early today, because I felt like impending illness was coming upon me. Before I went into the house, I checked the mail. My new hoodie arrived! Before I laid down for a nap, I just had to take a picture of it and post it. Unfortunately, it’s not broken in yet, so the hood is a bit stiff and misshapen. Don’t worry. I’ll look way cooler when I get my blaster.

Now if I could only find the droids I was looking for…

Spend $1,000 or More in 60 Seconds or Less

What defines a good shopper? I like buying things, but I don’t really like going shopping. Making an outing to a store just to look around is not my idea of fun at all. Seek and destroy is how I shop.

I like to look at items that I stumble across, but I will almost never buy them right away. Generally I hold out telling myself, “I don’t really need that. I can’t justify spending money.” I go through shopping droughts, which is why I can keep my credit card bill under $300/month, including meals and gas.

Eventually I end up buying whatever it was I was refusing to buy, buying it all in a storm. All the things that I haven’t bought get purchased all at once. My credit card bill will soar over twenty times my normal spending. Now is the calm before the storm.

Alarm Clock – I have no idea why, but my clock is not getting the job done. The analog controls for the radio sometimes leave the radio sitting in between stations, giving me a quiet static rather than loud radio. I’m thinking of getting this one, or even going as far as getting an iPod alarm clock like this.

Jeans – I am a shorts and sandals guy through and through. It’s not that I hate dress clothes. I don’t really even like wearing jeans. For the few times it does get cold enough, or if I am going out where shorts are not acceptable, I have one pair of jeans. I need to get some new ones.

Shoes – I need work shoes. I have been wearing my work shoes without backs on them. Imagine black leather clogs. They’re super comfortable for making my way around the office, but I need some steel-toe shoes for entering different customers’ facilities.

Fish Stuff – I keep a couple aquariums and have been neglecting them. I need to get some things to clean up a bit as well as get some new fish, since I never really finished stocking my fish tank. I also promised Michelle I’d get her a real fish tank with filtration and all so she can share in the hobby with me.

Christmas Gifts – I do need to pick up a few things for gift exchanges with friends. The girlfriend should probably get something too. It’s birthday or Christmas, right?

UMPC – An ultra mobile PC. I absolutely don’t need one of these, but I have been eyeing one for almost a full year now. I’ve had my eye on either the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 or the Acer Aspire One.

I know there’s a whole list of other things I need and want, but I think that’s a good jump start to help the economic healing. After this splurge, I will go into spending hibernation as usual and the economy is on its own.

The Tan One or the Tan One?

My girlfriend laughs every time she looks in my closet. That is because every time she looks, she sees this.

All of these shirts are identical with my company logo across the front. There are two or three more of the tan shirts in the laundry basket. Sometimes I wonder if the rest of the people in my office know I have this many of our shirts. They probably just think I’m dirty, wearing the same shirt every day of the week. We don’t actually have a requirement on what to wear to work as long as it’s appropriate. Sadly, sometimes I kind of wish we had uniforms. It would be one less thing I could get wrong if the decision was already made for me.

The Galaxy’s Most Loyal Employees

I ran across this hoodie at the Mark Ecko shop. I absolutely love this, but I don’t think I make enough money to justify spending it on hoodies designed to look like Storm Trooper battle armor just to fulfill my inner geek. Still it got me thinking about the men, who wear the actual uniforms.

There is something so precise and sterile about Storm Troopers. White uniforms, marching in perfect alignment. Do you think Storm Troopers had time cards, or did they just know where and when to show up? I wouldn’t want to be late anywhere for fear of getting choked out with a Jedi death grip from Lord Vader. Talk about a demanding supervisor.

Then there is the rest of the list of questions and observations I have…

Are laser blasts covered by their health care plan?

Can you decide not to take a job with the Empire? You were clonsed for the specific purpose of being a Storm Trooper, but has anyone had bigger dreams, maybe of being a dancer? They obviously don’t promote from within since none of the admirals or captains look like the clones. That’s no way to boost corporate morale.

Having an entire work force of clones would wreak havoc on human resources. I bet there’s a lot of stealing of Empire-issued identification cards for identify theft. If I looked exactly like the hundreds of thousands of other guys that worked with me, I know I’d try to collect their paychecks.