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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Well another Christmas season is just about wrapped up. I remember when vacations were relaxing. Now we rush to get presents, to attend events, and there’s never time to relax. Such is life. Be sure to check out all the pictures after the break.



Michelle’s work Christmas party, complete with crab, beer, and soju.

Saturday was our annual friends’ holiday get together. We’ve grown in numbers and added new face, but the fun times are always the same. We had our white elephant gift exchange as well as a bring a crappy white elephant gift exchange. The madness ensued from the get go.


Michelle’s pastries and Susan’s salad. Both tied for second place in the best dish contest.


Mo’s burgers took first place, giving him claim to some mug with a penguin on it.


There’s no need to be shy about food when amongst friends.


Hail Chairman Chang!


This picture is less about the shirt than the hair.


It’s a…pencil sharpener?


Spencer shows off his lunch box and Korean Air golf glove.


Who couldn’t use a razor?


Both point and shoot interfaces.


DVDs for Susan.


Michelle gets to shake things up a bit.


I’ve never seen him this happy before in my life.


The good feeling spread to everyone. They just couldn’t help themselves.

Christmas Eve was spent with Michelle’s family, because in normal fashion my family never plans anything for these special occasions. Their Christmas gatherings are overwhelming. The floor is covered with presents, and after they stuff themselves on an overabundance of food they sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and everyone tears into their presents.


The spread.


Delicious sugar cookies. I had about a dozen of these before dinner.


Michelle’s cousins have a million dogs, and they lose one every five minutes.


So full. Can’t move.


Michelle’s new bling.


The best gift of the night. I got The Beatles collectible figurines!

Michelle’s cousin got this toy car. It has hydraulics, blasts rap, and rolls on spinners. I was half expecting the windows to roll down, have smoke pour out, and hear, “Bitch, where’s my money?”

After all the presents were opened, Michelle’s cousins wanted to keep the party going, so we went to Guppy Teahouse in Cerritos. This place has ridiculous portions.


This is the small size shaved ice.


This is the large size shaved ice. If you eat the whole thing by yourself, you get to spend the rest of the night on the toilet.

Santa’s Coming! Santa’s Coming!

Sorry, kids. I lied. There was a Santa Claus, but he died back in 2000 after a tough battle with a combination of The Bird Flu and Gonorrhea. It was a tough year for us all but especially for Santa.


The good news is that you can still spread Christmas joy to others, especially me. I have compiled my Christmas Wish List once again this year. Sorry I didn’t give you a lot of notice, but I know you guys can make it happen. If you miss the Christmas deadline, that’s alright. It will be my Birthday List after December 25th anyway.