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Nothing says Christmas like stretchy pants.

Christmas was an all-out eating fest with family members are thrown into the mix.

Christmas Eve was kept quiet with my parents, my brother, and my sister-in-law. Red meat and plenty of green veggies.

No one wants to cook Christmas day, so we rely on Chinese restaurants. Not bad at all.

I think my cousins figured out their next family Christmas card.

My aunt got Michelle a hand-painted apron. Her response was, “But I don’t know how to cook!” Looks like we have our Christmas card for next year too. My arm looks tremendous.

A family tradition of video games with proud grandpa in the background.

Christmas dinner with my dad’s side of the family. Still at the kids table.

All the women decided put together a gingerbread village after dinner.

Who said Michelle doesn’t know how to do crafts? What a mess!

Christmas spent relaxing by the fire.

The whole gingerbread village. A very merry Christmas indeed.

I know it’s a bit of a cop out to post mostly pictures for a post, but I’ve got to do something to hook the readers. It’s just like this whole new 3D trend in theaters. You can’t get my pictures elsewhere. Next up, pictures of the After Christmas Party.

Sorority Girls are Animals

This picture depicts a time when I met Michelle’s friends for the first time.

When we got picked up at the airport I got a hug. I was honored that I was given the front seat. Then thirty seconds into the ride, the driver ripped a loud fart.  She apologized right away, but she was still snickering.

As soon as we got back to the apartment, we had to rush off somewhere. Without any hesitation clothes were flying off. No one was completely naked, but I was confused. I leaned over to Michelle and whispered, “Should I look away? Am I insulting them if I don’t look?”


After a night out on the town and after a night of drinking the girls decided they wanted to eat. We ended up at a Chinese restaurant and ordered some food to go.

During the half block drive back to the apartment, I was sitting in the middle in the backseat, holding the food. The girls started tearing into the fried squid. The driver was even reaching back blindly to grab some out of the styrofoam container. I sat there and figured I would just be polite and get some later. Little did I know that before the car pulled into the parking spot, all the squid was gone.

Everyone was left licking their finger, and Michelle was left holding a little container saying, “Oh look. There’s some sauce here for the squid.”