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Defying Genetics

Sometimes Michelle talks nonsense. I let her go off on her tangents and nod my head with a blank stare. Today, I’m not sure what started her off, but I decided to respond.

Michelle: Do you think we should adopt a Chinese baby?
Me: No, I don’t want a chinese baby. Maybe we can make a blonde one?

It could be a recessive gene, right?

A Lot of Guys Named Percy in Jail

Michelle has named her nonexistent children. She will easily surpass the woman, who has been in the news for having fourteen children, just so she can use all the names she has in her head.

Most of the names she chooses are terrible. Why would you put your child through having a bad name? She claims it fosters a sense of introversion that creates a brilliant mind. I always tell her, “Do you know what that does to a kid? If I was on the playground I would tease and bully that kid. I’m almost tempted to drive to the playground right now and pick on kids with bad names.”

I just found out that a bad name, combined with my bullying, will probably land your kid in jail.