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Things I have eaten recently.

Yes, I love to take photos of food. I love the angry comments about how lunch is still hours away and my blog has made them hungry. Here we go again.

My $3.00 breakfast at Tokyo 7-7 the morning after my birthday.

Homemade corned beef hash at S & W Country Diner. Really good.

Chicken melt, also at S & W.

Michelle’s mushrooms stuffed with brie, via The Pioneer Woman.

Fresh shrimp platter made for a Fathers’ Day BBQ at Michelle’s parent’s place.

We’re doing happy hour wrong.

Michelle and I now have the keys to our apartment. We also found out that one of Michelle’s high school friends lives right around the corner from us. (This is where I would have linked to your blog if you had one, so get one so we can blog our Culver City adventures together.) Her husband is¬†ecstatic, because now she has someone to watch chick flicks with, and he can watch sports and drink beer in his underwear with me.

To celebrate having neighbors that won’t judge us because we know their secrets too, we went to happy hour. Since it was already getting along in the evening we decided just to stop at Gyenari. Their happy hour runs until 7:30 PM.

Kimchee Fried Rice. Pretty tasty, but I don’t know how you would really mess up this dish.

The wings. These are a bit sweet for my tastes.

What isn’t shown are the Bulgogi Sliders, the Japanese Curry Crabcake Sliders, the Korean Taco Trio, and the beers and wine. Happy hour is supposed to be cheap, but it doesn’t quite work out when we eat every item on the menu. Maybe we should just eat or drink and not both. I might opt for the liquid diet. Is that bad? It’s the only way to save money and have a good time!

Eating to Live (an Enjoyable Life)

Since the beginning of the year I have lost about 10 lbs by cutting down on the junk I eat during work. I’m fortunate enough to have a pretty high metabolism still, so just cutting out the work day munchies has been good. I will not, however, turn into one of those people that eats nothing but rice cakes and tofu just to survive. Food is something to be enjoyed, whether it’s fine dining or just a warm, hearty meal with friends.

A terrible picture of a delicious snack. Had the Singapore Wings at Edison before heading to our actual dinner.

This is our Noodle Club meeting at a chain pho joint. Oxtail Pho! This is way better than the standard rare steak that gets overcooked and chewy.

Friday night Michelle and I decided to do something adventurous and eat somewhere new. We took it one step too far and decided to eat at a vegetarian restaurant.

We stopped into The Green Temple in Redondo Beach after reading many positive reviews about the place. What we didn’t think about was how much we love meat. The soup tasted like onion and potato water. Chicken broth is the answer here!

The veggie quesadilla was not bad at all but nothing is when you have guacamole and salsa, the meat and gravy of the veggie world.

This is supposed to be a vegetarian hamburger patty with the special tofu sauce that everyone loves on Yelp. The best thing on the plate is the broccoli. At least you know what you’re getting when you eat a vegetable. Why must vegetarians try to disguise their food to look like meat?

This is walnut loaf, and like it’s name suggests it’s meatloaf but with walnuts making up a large portion of the protein. This one has a much more meat-like texture, but you’re still very aware it’s not meat.

What this meal needed was bacon. It’s as simple as that. While I don’t think I would go back to this place again, I am still looking to try out another garden burger spot in Redondo Beach that apparently has people asking, “What kind of meat is this?”

Japanese inspired spicy cod roe spaghetti at Italian Tomato in Mitsuwa. Hot sauce and peppers added by Michelle.

Kimchi ramen with a beef bowl. A limited time special for the Mitsuwa anniversary.

Some Korean bar food at Raku Raku in Torrance after a long day. Not a bad deal at all.

I am full.  And just as important if not more, I am satisfied.

Another Weekend Gone

Although my wallet hasn’t stopped bleeding money, I continue to go out to eat and drink with friends. The verdict? Totally worth it.


This was part of a year end work dinner we had for our employees. It was a way to celebrate even though it’s been a tough year, and also spread some culture to the employees. There was actually a request to remove the heads from the chicken plates so the employees wouldn’t be grossed out, but Chinese restaurants never listen. When they say you get a whole chicken, you get a whole chicken.


Sunday was the Lobster Festival in Redondo Beach, complete with a wake boarding competition in the lagoon.


Darn. That lobster makes the ring look tiny. We’re eating shrimp from here on out.

They even had some live entertainment in the form of the Fab Four. Did I just find a wedding band?

Eating Like a King

Alice is back in town, and she wanted to get together for dinner. Since I was out of town earlier this week I told her and Michelle just to count me in and let me know where to show up with my fork. We met up with Jenny at Il Chianti last night for a six course meal. It was the meeting of the Moron Enterprises bloggers. We had michellewoo.com, aisforbigapple.com, and lovethewang.com.

I was powering through, and I thought I was doing pretty well with the pastas until I was informed the main dishes had not even arrived yet. It’s a hard life having to eat six course meals. Sorry about the quality of the photos. The lighting was low, and food doesn’t look as good when you use a flash.

So happy. We have no idea how much food is going to come out.

I’ve never seen one that big before. It’s tremendous.

Everyone has different sized hands. Use your head. Those are all almost the same size.

This reminds me of a movie I saw. It started with a pizza delivery.

It’s lame when everyone is taking pictures of food at the same time. One at a time!

Up yours, iPhone lovers! We’re the Blackberry crew!

I Smell Smoke

Whole chicken. Smoked, followed by five minutes in the oven under broil to crisp the skin. Super juicy. Very flavorful.

Summer of BBQs

Diets be damned! This summer is The Summer of BBQs. Every weekend when there aren’t plans to do something is an automatic excuse to fire up the grill. We run around so much, both in real life and in our virtual lives online, that we forget to enjoy the simple things. That is what The Summer of BBQs is all about, hanging out and catching some rays, enjoying a cold brew, and eating meat. My BBQ grill has a deep fryer attachment that I’m too scared to try, but if someone is willing to risk third degree oil burns, let’s fry up some delicious goodnes.

Now to sell you on this brilliant idea.

How can you say no to that?