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8 oz. Burger Bar

If it wasn’t for these daily coupon websites, Michelle and I would be poor. Even worse, we would have to probably eat our own cooking. Our last trip took us to 8 oz. Burger Bar.

They have more than just burgers. They have wings. These are not good wings.

Yeah, we ate them anyway.

Garlic fries. These were good. Crisp on the outside. Plenty of garlic.

It’s hard to see the patty, but this is the Three Little Pigs burger. It’s delicious, but I prefer Umami Burger’s Triple Pork Burger.

The 8 oz. burger. I wish I’d done a little thinking and realized that this is half a pound. That’s a good sized burger, and because it was delicious I forced myself to eat the whole thing.

I need to stop blogging about food two weeks after I eat it. I can’t remember much about the food, except whether I liked it or not. I guess I’ll have to take another trip back here, because I do remember liking it, but I cannot tell you why. Next time I promise the writeup will be better.