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Socialist Sports.

I read an article about a high school basketball team that won one of its games 100-0. Now a followup article is stating that the winning coach was fired for not apologizing. Are you kidding me?

Shame on the administration for terminating this coach for doing his job. He is there to make the team as good as possible, while teaching good work ethics. I can understand letting some of the second string players into the game, but letting the other team have gimme points would be a disgrace.

By letting the other team back into the game as a freebie, the message it sends to the winning team is that you should work hard enough just to get the win. Don’t try to excel. Just play up to the level of the competition. This is why people suck at their jobs. They’ve been taught to work just hard enough not to get fired.

This is a lesson learned for the losing team also. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll get a free pass from kindness of people’s hearts. Wrong! This is why you have these douchebags on American Idol thinking they can sing. Everyone has been softening the blows, in essence giving them free points on the court.

Sports, like many other aspects of life, are competitions. If you’re not going to compete, don’t bother coming. If you can’t compete, don’t bother coming. No one wants to see the Everybody Wins Games.