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Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

The Offspring released their latest album a few weeks ago, and I picked it up to check it out. This CD is awesome. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something so hypnotic about Dexter’s voice. It’s like Tom DeLonge, but not annoying. I’ve been listening to this album on my way to work, and it’s great to hear new music from the band. It’s quite eclectic sounding in its rhythms. Maybe all the music is starting to blur together in my head, but I hear bits that sound like Goldfinger, Bad Religion, and Green Day, sometimes in the same song. The album hints at themes of society and individuality and the conflict that exist with trying to be a single unit in a group. Listen to the lyrics or not, this album has some tunes that rock. Pick it up at your local store, or you can be a real man and pirate it.

Mixtape. MixCD. Mixfloppy?

Back in the 80’s when you made a mix tape for a girl, it was something special. Of course the 80’s would have been Bert and Ernie sing the hits or Chipmunks’ Christmas for me, but I digress. The music didn’t matter so much. It was the time and effort. You had to select songs, manually rewind your tapes to the correct track, and then record each song in real time. It probably took three solid hours to fill one side of the 90-minute tape, especially after all the decorating of the tape with stars and hearts.

The same sentiment is not there anymore. You drag and drop to build a playlist in iTunes and hit the “Burn” button. Where’s the effort? The effort isn’t the only thing that is missing. There is something so nostalgic about the cassette tape. While it’s not the same as the cassette tape, you can bring some of the nostalgia back with these great floppy disk looking compact discs. They store less than traditional discs, because of their shape. While it still takes very little time to put together a mix on a CD like this, the price tag of $8.00 per disc for a pack of four shows the love is there.