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Win, Lose, or Draw

My name is not Simon, but I do like to draw drawrings. Also, it’s okay if you look at my bum.

I am no artist by any stretch of the imagination. My talents for visual art pieces are pretty much zero, unless you count photo manipulation ability like this.


That was not the point of thisĀ  post, although it provides a hilarious distraction. My drawing ability is limited to stick figures, but I have done quite a few drawings for Michelle. It’s a great way to do something special that costs you no money.


Michelle used to call her car Silver Bullet until she got her Volvo. She needed a new name for her car, so we came up with Silver Lunchbox. This one was not drawn freehand, because I needed to get the lunchbox shape and I could not draw a rectangle that looks like a rectangle to save my life.

I have drawn quite a few of these drawings, which I will share here over time. Stay tuned!

If You Can Read This, You’re Too Close.

Why would people create bumper stickers that you can’t read from a safe driving distance? I almost killed myself three or four times on the way to work this week, because I was trying to read bumper stickers. Either get a bigger font size or get me a personal driver so I can read things on the way to work.

Taking the Path Less Traveled

I went on autopilot on the way to work this morning, and man did it cost me. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and it the drive took me an extra ten minutes. Maybe I was distracted by Kevin & Bean’s segment, “Ask a Swinger.” It’s probably just that I haven’t been sleeping enough. It’s like the time I stood at my office door and tried to unlock it with my car remote for 30 seconds before I realized I needed to use a key.

View Larger Map

This is my normal route to work, pretty straightforward.

View Larger Map

This is what I did this morning. You can see I had to flip a U-turn along the way.

Rubber Necker

I try to take my camera with me wherever I go. You never know when you’re going to come across something interesting that you want to capture in a photo. One thing that I like to do is take picture of accidents. I don’t try to take pictures of anything too horrible, and I try not to hold up traffic when I take my pictures. I put the camera out the window and hope I’m pointing it in the right direction as I drive by the scene.

Today was a horrible traffic day, which meant it was a particularly good day for accident photo opportunities. There must have been a big pileup on the opposite side of the freeway, because the 91 was turned into a parking lot for a while. There were fifteen squad cars on each side of the divider. By the time I got there, everything was pretty much cleared except for the law enforcement officers themselves.

You can see my elbow, catching a tan in my mirror.

Men in uniform, discussing where they will meet up for donuts afterwards.

An accident in the intersection by my work.

Cars and Clothing

This weekend was the fashion show for Audrey Magazine. It was at the Peterson Automative Museum. I would have loved to just be at the museum just for the cars. It was a well put together event, fun as always.


Sponsored by Crown Royal. Who am I?

I guess this is fashion.

Blurry people on the runway.

One of the many awesome cars in the museum.

Call me Ponch.

She calmed down after I explained that we all look like that under runway lights.

Listen to the audio. You won’t be surprised if you know the person making the comments.

Here are the A-List celebrities that made appearances on the runway. The ‘A’ stands for Asian.