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Hot Wheels at LACMA?

There is a possibility that this is coming to LACMA in the near future? I need to see this. This is way better than the LA Auto Show.


Only at Walmart

You lock yourself out of your car, but don’t worry. There’s another guy with a Slim Jim to help you open your car. Also, sweet ride. The two-tone Dodge Stratus with rims. Hot.

Sights on the Road

I bet this woman is single and a total bitch.

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone bedazzle their rims.

Mariscos Chente: Best Staff Ever

I was set on posting every day this week, but my car decided to act up. I ended up not going into the office yesterday to take care of the car, and everyone knows you get your best blogging done when someone else is paying you to do something else. So although this wasn’t the post I originally planned on posting next, I think it’s important. This blog post is dedicated to a great restaurant with the best staff, hands down. Mariscos Chente.

Chips are freshly made every day and the salsa is fresh, maybe a little too fresh. Is that possible? You can taste the raw peppers in this, and that makes it VERY hot. Maybe cooking down some of the heat would help.

Camarones a la Diabla. During the meal I heard phrases from Michelle such as, “I like dishes that are this dark red. It means it’s extra spicy.”

“Tell everyone on the Internet that I love this. It’s like Flaming Hot Cheetos Shrimp.”

My dish was the Pescado Zarandeado. You split a snook in half, grill it, and serve it with some caramelized onions and lime.

You can see just how juicy the fish was even though it was grilled. I don’t know if it was just that day, but this took a while to prepare.¬†Because it took so long to finally make it to the table and I had eaten so many chips and some of Michelle’s shrimp, I only ate one of the two fish. It was delicious though with the cheeks and belly region being soft. In contrast the outer edges were firmer, nicely grilled.

With full bellies Michelle and I made our way to the car, which was parked just outside the restaurant. I knew I had a slow leak in my tire, so the plan was to stop by the gas station and get some air for the tire. When I turned the key to the ignition, we heard a pop and saw a small plume of smoke pour from the crack in the hood. Upon lifting the hood I realized one of the vent caps popped off the battery. I tried to turn the engine over and got nothing. My thought was just to leave it, call a friend to get me (Thanks, Angie), and replace the battery in the morning.

Since the restaurant was winding down, the staff were out back and they were so helpful. They brought out limes and baking soda to clean the battery terminals. They were also going to try to jump my car the “Mexican Way” by taking out their battery and connecting it directly to mine, but when they found their batteries weren’t the same size they called a friend to bring some jumper cables. Alas, the battery was very dead (as opposed to kind of dead).

The next morning I went to install a new battery only to find out the only wrench I’m missing in my set is the 10mm, the one I needed to loosen the bolts to remove the battery. Fortunately for me the staff of the restaurant were there cleaning the grills outside. I was able to borrow a wrench and get my repair done.

Mariscos Chente. Come for the food. Stay for the mechanic work.

Little Win. Big Satisfaction.

I think my fuel tank is sixteen gallons. Yesterday I filled up my car at the gas station, and the meter read 15.999 gallons. It made me really happy, like I came out on top for knowing exactly how far I could drive before filling up. Or like the time I prepaid for my tank of gas in a rental car and used every single last drop. It’s these little things in life that make you feel like sometimes you’re winning at life. We need these things to keep us going.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hide some twenty dollar bills in my winter clothes. Once the weather gets cold, I’m going to be a big winner.

What I Learned This Weekend.

You know those spikes that are supposed to prevent you from going into the exit of parking lots? You can drive over this with your car without any problem as long as you go slowly. Your tires will climb on top of them like a curb and push them down. How do I know this? Rainy nights, no signs and two exits on one side of the parking structure one with the gate opened. Pretty much me not paying attention.

I’m not really advocating people go out and try this. The spikes are there for a reason. If you really want to get into a lot with spikes, take a piece of wooden board with you and get your friends to hold them down.

I know what I want to be for Halloween!

More than meets the eye!

One More Year Until Life is Over

Well, another year has gone by since the world was graced with my presence. I can’t believe I’m twenty nine. I feel like I haven’t done enough with my life. That will have to change, but for now just enjoy some pictures.

For my birthday I kept it low key. My parents wanted to take me out to dinner so we decided to check out Terranea, since it just opened up and it’s ten minutes away from home. Michelle came along and we explored the grounds.


I figured they wouldn’t park my Camry up front even though I just got it cleaned.


This is where I will come to drink my Scotch.


Who is going to sneak in here with me this summer?



I am always on the search for the perfect calamari.






Macaroni & Cheese, Pancetta, Truffle Oil


Lamb chops.

I ate so much I couldn’t move. Is there any better way to spend birthdays?

Time to Cut Back on Diet Coke

Last night I opened up my trunk to get some stuff out after returning home. When I closed my trunk it sounded funny so I pulled on my trunk to make sure it was closed. I was able to just lift it open. I thought the mechanism was stuck so I pressed the trunk button a couple more times from my keys but with no luck. I figured I had nothing valuable in the trunk so I would deal with it later. This morning I decided to check the trunk again, but this time I decided to check the handle inside the car. I found a crushd, empty soda can wedged under the trunk lever.

My excuse to have a bunch of soda cans rolling around the floor of my car is justified. I don’t like to take them out of my car unless I know I am somewhere that has a recycle bin. I don’t always take them out of my car when I get home, because I have too much to carry and after a couple of times it adds up.

Still, maybe it’s time to clean out the car or at least make sure all the cans are on the passenger side of the car so I don’t get one stuck under the brakes.

Gran Turismo or Grand Theft Auto?


Which video game do you think he pretends he’s playing when he drives his car?