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Things I’ve Consumed for Michelle’s Birthday

“Lion’s Head.”

Pork so fatty and awesome that you can cut it with a spoon.

This was a bad idea after the drinking done beforehand. 2/3 people at the table woke up drunk.

It’s good but the line at this place is ridiculous. They’re just baked goods!

Mom’s osso bucco.

Don’t forget the steak.

King’s Hawaiian birthday cake.

With a root beer float and some hot sauce.


Many pounds of shrimp, crawfish, corn, and sausage. There’s a very excited person in top right of this picture.

And the celebration continues on into this week. Happy birthday, Michelle!

Christmas Fail

This was the cake we got for our company Christmas party. Should I have rolled my R’s over the phone when I ordered it?

Academic Decathalon is a Sport

I was going to get this cake for my birthday, but it seemed to be a cultural mismatch. At first I was offended until I turned the page and saw a cake that suited me. It was called, “Greatest Mathematics Theorist.” The craftsmanship on the cake is incredible, right down to the little abacus.