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I miss eating at Trump National Golf Club. It’s a one minute drive from my parents’ old home. I always disliked the actual restaurant at Trump but the clubhouse food is always delicious and not too expensive, especially for a place that won’t even let you hit the driving range in jeans. This past weekend they were working on their house to get it ready for renting, so I suggested we eat at the clubhouse. You can’t beat the view of the ocean while you eat.

Clam chowder.

My mom’s Chinese Chicken Salad. The conclusion was that American joints still don’t know how to deal with dishes that have vegetables.

Michelle’s burger and fries. I split this with her. Good burger.

I had the pork sandwich. This was really good, juicy and flavorful. Definitely worth another order.

Michelle and I have contemplated moving to this house, but then we’d have to eat at Trump all the time and that scares us. Gone would be the variety of life as we settled into oceanside  monotony. Not yet.

8 oz. Burger Bar

If it wasn’t for these daily coupon websites, Michelle and I would be poor. Even worse, we would have to probably eat our own cooking. Our last trip took us to 8 oz. Burger Bar.

They have more than just burgers. They have wings. These are not good wings.

Yeah, we ate them anyway.

Garlic fries. These were good. Crisp on the outside. Plenty of garlic.

It’s hard to see the patty, but this is the Three Little Pigs burger. It’s delicious, but I prefer Umami Burger’s Triple Pork Burger.

The 8 oz. burger. I wish I’d done a little thinking and realized that this is half a pound. That’s a good sized burger, and because it was delicious I forced myself to eat the whole thing.

I need to stop blogging about food two weeks after I eat it. I can’t remember much about the food, except whether I liked it or not. I guess I’ll have to take another trip back here, because I do remember liking it, but I cannot tell you why. Next time I promise the writeup will be better.

Food Around the Corner

It’s been just over two months since Michelle and I have been living in our new place in Culver City. We’re still discovering places to eat all around the area and even a lot of places that are within walking distance. We’re discovering a lot of these places together, but some of them I check out on my own when Michelle has other plans. Last week when Michelle had plans with her girl friends, I walked out the door with no idea where I was going. I decided to grab a beer at Culver Hotel. I’ve grabbed a drink here before. I like this place. It’s mellow and they have live music.

Fresh angus burger with pesto mayonnaise, arugula, Bravo Farms chipotle cheddar, honey roasted shallots on a brioche bun.

This is a good burger. It sounds way upscale and fancy, but this is just a good burger. The patty isn’t marinated in some secret marinade like most gourmet burgers I’ve had as of late. There aren’t a lot of fancy tricks here. The meat is cooked well and it speaks for itself. It doesn’t hurt that the bun is nicely fluffy but holds together well, and they have $3 beers during happy hour.

Their steak sandwich sounds pretty good too. Can’t wait until next time Michelle has another girls’ night out, or maybe I’ll take her along with me.

Hop in my DeLorean. We’re going to Umami Burger.

I’ve never been one that needed to be up to speed with the latest trends. It’s no different when it comes to new food joints. I’ve been hearing about Umami Burger for the longest time. I was in no rush to check it out. I knew I would get to it eventually. That day has come.

Next time the Manly Burger and Port & Stilton Burger are on my target list, but I’ll have to get more fuel for the Flux Capacitor.

I have not had a soda of any kind in over four months, but when I saw that they had Mexican Coke on their menu I thought, “Why not?” Michelle and I split one bottle, and it was refreshing. It went down smooth and sweet with no chemical tartness in the aftertaste that I was so used to from sodas. This doesn’t mean I’ll start drinking soda again, but this was a welcome treat.

They call these their Thin Fries. I’m sure it’s relative compared to their Hand Cut Fries, but when dealing with french fries the word thin should be reserved for shoestring fries. These fries are of standard thickness. Despite my confusion over french fry girth, I was pleased by the order. They were fried nicely leaving no soggy fries and without making a thick potato chip out of any of them either.

I started with this burger. This is the Umami Burger. It’s delicious but not a flavor that I expect or want in a burger. Take away the bun and toss it over a bed of noodles. Just because it can be done in the kitchen doesn’t mean it should.

Second on the tasting was the Hatch Burger. This has a more typical burger taste to it with a nice bit of heat from the green chiles.

Finally was the Triple Pork Burger. Michelle wants everyone to know that this one was her favorite.* Upon biting into this one my brain thought, “There’s a party in my mouth and everyone’s cooking bacon.” Seriously, flavor explosion. I don’t know if I have some sort of taste bud disorder, but after a couple bites it was too much for me. In the same way I think Chego is overkill, this made my mouth want to tap out. I think subtlety has its place in the food world.

*After Michelle insisted I tell everyone how much she liked the Triple Pork Burger I told her, “You have your own blog and Twitter. You tell them.” Her response was, “Umami is too local. I cater to a more global audience.” I’m marrying an international super-blogger.


I’m supposed to be dieting and getting in shape, but it’s tough when everyone wants to share a meal.

Jamon Iberica Croquettes.

Medium rare. “We cook on the rare side.” That’s just fine by me.

Thanksgiving Weekend = Gorging

I don’t know what it is about the Thanksgiving, but it’s an automatic excuse to eat until our pants explode. This year was no different but the eating wasn’t confined to Thanksgiving day.

2009-11-25 18.20.01

Wednesday night’s dinner was Otafuku Noodle House in Gardena. This is the shrimp and scallop tempura udon. Delicious.


Pear, cranberries, and walnuts over mixed greens. I thought this was a piece of chicken when it was set at the table and was wondering how long they were going to let the chicken sit out. Unfortunately this was the only picture I have of Thanksgiving dinner. I put my camera under my seat and forgot to take pictures during the meal, but there was ham, turkey, duck, cream corn, sticky rice, green beans, fresh baked bread with honey butter, and  multiple pies.

2009-11-27 19.33.31

Sounds odd, huh? I was even more intrigued when the Japanese waitress spoke perfect Spanish. She was actually from Peru.

2009-11-27 19.47.51

Peruvian style sushi for an appetizer. Delicious.

2009-11-27 19.58.53

This is a simple chicken and rice dish, but toss in their wasabi mayonnaise sauce and it’s awesome.

2009-11-27 19.58.44

Mariscos. Tan deliciosos.


Mac and Cheese at Bar Food in West LA.


The burger is pretty good here with the Guinness ketchup. Sweet potato fries and calamari are great snacks as well.

I am stuffed.

So This is Life

I thought I was going to be spending most of the weekend working. I was waiting for a response from another company that never came through, so I really couldn’t work on anything. It’s shocking when you realize you don’t have something to do sometimes. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. Fortunately, there were already plans for me to tag along.

This Saturday was Carissa’s birthday, and she made it a glow party. I thought I was going to feel way old and I did, but I was able to take some of that experience and teach the younger kids by  kicking some ass at beer pong.


My nose looks huge and bulbous in this picture. Maybe it always looks like that. Also bulbous is a strange word to see written out.


That’s not a joint in her right hand. That would be a Flaming Hot Cheeto. Is singular form of Cheetos, Cheeto? Maybe it’s more like the plural of LEGO is LEGO.

Sunday Michelle had a work event for an LPGA golf tournament. It was the pre-tournament dinner and party held at Pacific Palms. I had no idea this place existed since I would never stay at a hotel in Los Angeles and I don’t golf. It’s pretty nice, and I’d come back here just for a meal sometime.


I’m not sure if this was some sort of promotion, but this was just sitting outside the hotel lobby.


If you follow me on Twitter, you heard about this burger with sweet potato fries. Michelle and I just ordered it because we were starving and couldn’t wait an hour before the event started. This burger was good. It was without a doubt better than Father’s Office, which serves up pretty good burgers. With bar food like this, I don’t even care to try the rest of the restaurants.