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Brunch at BLD

First, let me start by saying whoever designed this logo should be shot. How are you supposed to know what it says? Old? Bid? LOLOL?

Fortunately their food is much better than the people they hire for graphic design and branding. Once again I’ll have to let the photos speak for themselves, because it’s been near a month since I was at BLD, and I can’t remember what was ordered or even which dish was mine.

The food here is good. That much I do remember, but Michelle and I decided that we really don’t appreciate brunch very much. While it offers a great food photo opportunity, it’s generally expensive and very rich in taste. I like my meals toned down a little bit. Perhaps we just need to just do brunch less frequently so we can enjoy it to its fullest potential.

Gjelina: Pronounced Guh-Juh-Lee-Nuh?

After a Sunday stairs session with some friends, we decided to get some brunch at Gjelina. I have no idea how to pronounce the name of this restaurant. At first I didn’t see the “L” there and though it was pronounced guh-ji-nuh.

Michelle just wanted the coffee, because she liked the way the sugar cubes looked.

Poached Eggs with Lentils,  Escarole & Salsa Verde.

I forget what this dish was, trout?

Housemade Spicy Pork Sausage.  Incredible.

Smoked Salmon with House Pickles, Tomato, Caper, Shaved Onion & Grilled Bread.

Poached Eggs, Soft Polenta, Braised Cavolo Nero & Crisp Bacon.

Lemon-Ricotta-Chestnut Pancakes.

I hear the pizza is pretty good here, but because we started exercise too early in the morning, we couldn’t get to any of the after 10:30 AM menu items. Next time we sleep in and get pizza!

Reversing the effects of a diet.

Is it possible to take thirty days worth of wedding dieting and negate its effects in less than half a week. Yes, and it’s delicious and awesome. The foundation of ruining any good healthy body is a hearty breakfast.

Banana pancakes, eggs, and sausages at Overland Cafe.

Eggs Florentine. I at least had chicken sausage to slow the diet reversal.

Here’s something I knew about Palm Springs but it slipped my mind this trip. It’s hot during the summer, and when it’s really hot, the locals leave. That includes a lot of the restaurant owners.  A lot of places we wanted to go packed up and left for the summer. Our first meal in Palm Springs was Al Dente, a recommendation from one of Michelle’s readers.

Jumbo Shrimp. Grilled perfectly.

This spaghetti was only slightly al dente for a restaurant with the name Al Dente.  Still it was delicious. Michelle had the lobster ravioli, which was creamy and rich. It just doesn’t photograph very well.

Michelle was drawn into this place by a sign that read, “World’s Best Bloody Mary.” It’s even written on their glasses. It must be true.

Michelle’s omelet.

I forget what this was called but it had salsa and hot sauce so I ordered it. I did not regret it.

This is how Michelle rolls. The home-made hot sauce was awesome here.

Michelle’s fish tacos. The pickled onions I did not like. They were way too overpowering.

This we liked. Macaroni and cheese with lobster meat. It was delicious, but I got too excited and burned the roof of my mouth. Not being one to learn my lesson, I actually kept burning the roof of my mouth bite after bite. Totally worth it.

I still need to go back to Palm Springs to  get my Bacon Flight at Cheeky’s and a burger from Tyler’s. Maybe I will take the Bacon Flight and put it on a Tyler’s burger. Writing that sentence just made the urgency to return to Palm Springs go up exponentially. *sigh*

Weekend without Michelle

The last time Michelle went away for the weekend, I could have summed up my time with one phrase. No pants. This weekend, however, was a lot more productive and a lot more clothed.

I woke up early Saturday and fired of some emails and then went out to brunch with a friend. A prize to whoever guesses where we had brunch. This is bottle one of two. That means one for each of us.

Corned beef hash.

Machaca con Huevos.

After brunch I was supposed to run a bunch of errands, but a bottle of champagne will make you sleepy. So I spent the afternoon resting before the wedding I had to attend. If there were two things to remember from this wedding, these are those things.

People love desserts. Not me, but people.

Steven Spielberg was there…or was he?

Sunday was going to be the day that I relaxed, but because I had the champagne brunch fiasco, I still had errands to run. I ran all around town for a good part of the morning, stopping into lunch at Mitsuwa only to find out I only had two dollars in my wallet. Fortunately one of the places takes credit card. I still wish I had cash to get my Santouka Ramen. For dinner one of my friends graciously invited me and a couple other friends to use up some of his balance at Rolling Hills Country Club for dinner.

New York Steak. Risotto. Mac n’ Cheese. I could not finish this, and so I have an awesome lunch for tomorrow.

The salmon, which also looked pretty darn good.

Still the best surprise was after dinner. We decided to take a walk around the grounds to gain some breathing room. As we walked past the golf cart return one of the employees said there weren’t too many people on the course, so we could take the carts out and just drive around. How can you pass up an offer like that? It was like being in high school with our first cars all over again, exciting and new.

Remember when the first of your friends got a car, and everyone rode in it?

As more friends got their cars, you would get them together and pose with them. So proud.

Then you used your car to get dates, because what good is a car if it can’t get you some action?

This is the ultimate high school destination, Make Out Point. Unfortunately for us there was one girl and four guys, so it wasn’t where boys become men. It was just where things got awkward.

We Be Clubbing

This weekend I got the chance to go to brunch with some friends and we realized if you call everything a club it makes it sound so much cooler. Brunch Club.


Tavern in Brentwood, CA.


Chorizo and eggs with sofrito and fried potatoes.


We had dinner for my dad’s birthday at Musha. The food was delicious as always.


We made short work of everything.


Mitsuwa had an Autumn Food Fair. The South Bay chapter of Noodle Club tried the special ramen. The South Bay chapter of noodle club is just Michelle and me, but see how jealous you were before you knew that? Clubs are cool.


We also picked up this tasty dessert treat. I’m  not big on dessert, but custards are always delicious.


Just to round off this post, here is a dead, creepy, alien bug I saw this weekend.

Wedding Exhaustion


Friday night was the first wedding of three in October for Michelle and myself. It gives us the opportunity to see what other people have planned for their own special days and let us get a feel for what we like.

The next morning we rolled out of bed earlier than normal to catch brunch with some friends that haven’t seen Michelle since our engagement. The food was delicious and the company of friends is always enjoyable..




This french toast is their most popular dish, and the consensus around the table was that it was delicious.

After brunch Michelle and I started our search for the venue for The Funnest Wedding Ever. That’s what I’m calling our wedding. I’m still working out the details, but I think balloon animals and a cotton candy maker are in order.


This was the area around one of the venues we saw. Veto by reason of ghetto!


This was offered to us for preparation if we booked another venue we stopped to see. I get top bunk!

After seeing venues we went to dinner for Fred’s birthday and out to Crocker Club for some drinks. We took off after Michelle got dizzy. It was probably dehydration and a long day of running around. Of course some of my friends said she just realized she was going to marry me and got sick. Can’t it be both?


House warming on Sunday. Friends are all grown up now.