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I died a little bit tonight.

I’ve been drinking from this glass so often that it has never reached my shelf. I kept pulling it from the dish rack to pour another home brew. I’m going to cry in the corner now.

The Summer of Beer & BBQs Has Begun!

Although the weather hasn’t been notified, summer is upon us.

Friday I brought home a grill I bought and told Tim, “If we can put it together fast, we can grill tonight.” Two hours and only five “that’s what she said” comments later,¬†we were grilling in the dark. Fortunately I have some good flood lights in the backyard.

Looks like a pretty standard burger.

Wrong! Inside the patty lurks a burst of melted, cheesy goodness.

After having a bite to eat at another BBQ, Saturday evening found me at Beer Belly once more. Food and beers were excellent like the first time, but this time Michelle and I were convinced to try to Deep Fried Twinkie. I don’t think these appear on the standard list of food pairings, but it goes well with beer. I’d even suggest trying it with their root beer flight.

I hold in my hand, a glass of Black Tuesday. The reality of this beer is every bit as awesome as the speculation that surrounds it. It is incredible. Each sip goes from the very beginning all the way to the very end, full flavor enduring the entire time. Cherries, chocolate…you’d never guess this beer is near 20% ABV. Big tip of the hat to The Bruery for making their event run so smoothly.

So summer has begun for me, but not the type of summer that will have me sporting the banana hammock anytime soon. I’m fat and happy.