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Personal Shopping Assistant

For a long time now I’ve been preaching the benefits of the Firefox web browser for a few reasons, because I am a huge nerd. My favorite reason for using Firefox is the third party plugins that add a lot of functionality beyond standard browsing.

I’ve always said if you’re buying anything but music, DVDs or appliances from Best Buy, you’re probably getting ripped off. Fortunately Invisible Hand is a plugin for Firefox that allows real time shopping comparisons for products on major shopping websites, including Best Buy. If there is an identical product with a better price on another shopping site, a little notification will tell you, “Go buy it elsewhere.”

So now you can go stimulate the economy and do it prudently thanks to Adam Smith’s metaphor, now in Firefox plugin form.

Google Does It Again.

I have no freaking clue how Google manages to have so many seemingly different software projects come to fruition. I know they share code, but Google has its hand in just about everything now. That’s amazing, considering how long, or short rather, they have been in the game.

Their latest blog announcement is regarding an OS based on Chrome and targeted at netbooks. This is completely separate from Android, which is their mobile phone platform, but is slated to hit netbooks in the near future. Whether or not you think Google creates the best products, they’re pushing the industry to become better.

Desktop Tower Defense

I posted last week about some games that got their start from Desktop Tower Defense. Little did I know that the original game was updated by the creators. I love this game. I currently have the game open in a separate browser tab. When I think no one is looking, I play for twenty seconds at a time. I think I should be able to finish a game by the end of the day. Start a game for yourself.

I Got Worms. No Wait, Hedgehogs.

It’s Friday, so I’ll start you guys off with some early weekend content. Anyone ever remember playing a game called Worms 2? It’s a turn based game, where you move your cute worm characters in position to blow up your enemies. I wasted half of my senior year in high school playing this game.  It was worth every penny, but if you are too cheap to spend money, check out Hedge Wars (Sorry, Windows only). It’s a free version that some guys have coded, using hedgehogs instead of worms. For those of you that are still confused about the concept, check out Territory War. It’s a Flash-based version of the game using stick figures. The game is quite limited since it’s playable in the browser, but it gets the concept across.

Have a great weekend guys!

Just Like a Real Publication

I feel like a real writer. I think I have to post a retraction. Well it’s not a retraction, because what I said about Firefox being the only browser with a good support of plugins was right at the time I posted it.  Hey, all you real writers out there, what do you call this? Just an update? It looks like things have changed recently. Google Chrome will support add-ons. Google’s browser may be a contender in these browser wars. I wonder if they will allow AdBlock Plus run on their system.

Why You Should Run Firefox

Everyone and their mom has a browser out there now. So which one is best? (Save yourself some time, read the title, and scroll down to the good part.)

Firefox. It browses just as well as any browser, not really much better. So what makes it better? Add-ons! Third party developers can create themes and plugins to enhance the functionality of the browser, and they have created a lot. It could be something as basic as blocking ads that almost everyone can get behind, or it could be something specific like an iTunes controller in your browser so you don’t have to stop browsing to change the song playing.

Here are some of the plugins I use to make my browsing experience so much greater.

Foxmarks. Creat an account at foxmarks.com, install the plugin on a couple browsers, and you now have synchronized bookmarks. Bookmark a page, and when you get home you can browse the same page.

AdBlock Plus. Install and browse the web, free of advertisements. You’ll notice a lot of pages load faster with this plugin, because you’re not waiting for ad content to load before the rest of the page.

TwitterBar. This is not for everyone, but it adds the ability to post to your Twitter account, right from the address bar of Firefox. It’s nice and handy when you’re browsing the web and a thought pops into your head that belongs in a Tweet.

TinyUrl Creator. Hand in hand with Twitter, TinyUrl is necessary to keep yourself under the 140 character limit. The problem is the hassle of having to copy the address to your clipboard, load the TinyURL website, and submit the address. Now, you can be succinct AND lazy.

Firebug. This plugin is a must for anyone who edits or designs websites. It allows you to look at the code of a page while simultaneously viewing the rendered page to see how it’s built. Putting your mouse over the sections of the code shows you which section of the page it renders.

8aweek. I both love and hate this plugin at the same time. You know how you it’s supposed to cut down your food consumption if you took pictures of everything you ate? This is supposed to do that by showing you exactly how much you browse. If just the sheer number of minutes spent browsing weren’t enough to deter you, you can set up a list of restricted sites and limit your daily alotted browsing to them. Get you life back from your browser with the help of your browser.

Everyone has different browsing habits, but Firefox has plugins for everyone. Ask me and I can point some out to you or just take a look in the directory.

Boss is Here! Look Busy!

I am not in the office today, and if you are reading this the day it is posted, you are seeing a scheduled post. I can openly say, “I am getting nothing done today at all.” There is no fear of the boss or what the coworkers think, because I am on vacation.

For the rest of you, however, you may need to hide your slacking. Have no fear! Someone has written an awesome Firefox extension that allows you, with a quick keystroke, to  close all non work related browsing tabs and open a new one with work content in it. It’s appropriately named Panic.

We Did It!

Way to go! Thanks to everyone that downloaded Firefox 3.0 two days ago. You may not have known, but you were setting a world record. If you did, go on over here and get yourself a certificate. If you didn’t download it, still go ahead and get yourself a certificate. This is like one of those “everybody gets a trophy” days.

Firefox 3.0 Released

Get your copy now. Clickie Clickie

Firefox 3.0 is the Best Browser Out

While Mozilla hasn’t officially released Firefox 3.0 to the public, the release candidates are readily available, and the verdict is in already. Walt Mossberg of Wall Street Journal fame has given his seal of approval for Mozilla’s new browser. I second his recommendation, even if you’re not using version 3.0 yet.

Firefox is so much more feature-rich than other browsers when you use add-ons. I can sync my bookmarks between two computers running Firefox, I haven’t seen an advertisement on a website in over a year, and I even have a spiffied up Gmail, all thanks to Firefox and its wonderful plugins.

Firefox users outweigh Internet Explorer users in visits to my site by a little more than 2.5:1. I’m sure that’s mostly due to the fact that Michelle and I are my biggest visitors. Let’s get it to 3:1. Stop using Internet Explorer. Download Firefox here.