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Apex of Breast Feeding Evolution

A friend sent me a link a while back, and I am finally getting to write about it. This is a brilliant product. It’s a flask in a bra. You can now sneak booze into just about any venue without worrying about being caught. If anyone hassles you, you just scream harassment.

For you smaller-chested ladies that are self conscious, you can feed your date drinks until he has had his fill. Then when the bra comes off he will be so intoxicated that he will be none the wiser.

Boobs + Booze = Boobze. Awesome.

Boat Racing

I wrote about the breast sizes of women in New Zealand becoming larger on average over time. Good news, my American friends. We’re getting a country wide upgrade as well. Apparently DD is the new C. I double checked the article. Dress sizes are getting smaller and cup sizes are getting large. Skinny, top heavy women are the future.

Start your engines. The boat race is about to begin! (If you don’t get this, bless your innocence.)

Ballooning Boobies

Women’s breasts are getting larger says a study in New Zealand. If you’re anything like me, you have clicked that link already to see if the article comes with any good pictures, and once you have found out that it doesn’t you closed it and didn’t bother reading it. If you take a second look at the article it says based on sales of sizes C is still the most common size, but look at which sizes are on the rise. It says D-J sizes are on the rise. This has to be people just getting fatter. There is no way these are natural sizes for women of healthy proportions.

In summary, I have just disappointed you with a misleading title and article. Now that you have boobs on your mind, you can go and spend the rest of your day browsing for celebrity nude photos to get your fix instead of getting any work done.