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Am I Scrooge or Tiny Tim? Or Tiny Scrooge?

I will be working every day this holiday, except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Before you go and feel sorry for me, I made the call to work and to have everyone work, unless they wanted to take a vacation day. They call me the SOB, Son of the Boss.

It sucks sometimes having to be disliked for my decisions. I struggle with wanting to be fun versus needing to be responsible. Decisions I make regarding my career affect me but also the employees in the company. In these slow times my goal is not to let anyone go or cut anyone’s pay, but I would hope that people understand that they have to weather these tough times with me.

I hope to let people go home early on some of these upcoming holiday work days. Hopefully that puts a smile on people’s faces. If not, F them. I’m the SOB.

(Diet) Coke Addict

My dad asked to borrow a dollar so he could get a Diet Coke out of the vending machine. A minute later I saw him coming from the stock room with two six packs of Diet Coke saying, “It’s my machine anyway. This is easier, and the money ends up in my pocket.” The only problem with this is that he took a dollar from me. Somehow I lost a dollar in all of this.