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If only peopled liked me this much all the time.

Thanks, everyone for reading my rant about Macy’s blunder. I felt good just knowing that people cared enough to read, and a lot of you even chimed in with your own horror stories of Macy’s. Now if you could all continue to visit my website daily, that’d be great.

Setting the bar real low…

I’ll be honest. I kind of forgot that I had a blog for a couple weeks after Thanksgiving. Then it was the holiday season, and I figured you could all use a break from me, but for now I guess this post means I’m back for the new year.

Is this living?

I am just writing to let you all know that I am still alive. I apologize to my single Canadian reader. I’ve gotten busy with life, although I don’t know what part of this you’d call living.

Work has gotten pretty busy. We are about six weeks from moving into a new building. On top of daily work I’ve been figuring out logistics of the move. Unfortunately this all coincides with the time Michelle and I have to move lout of our apartment. That means one day out of every weekend will be spent moving the office, and the other will be spent moving personal things.

So through the middle of May I will be occupied. Boo!

In other fun news I got an iPad 2 for work. I’m actually typing this post on it right now. The verdict? It is a fun toy but typing on it bloooooows.

That’s all that I got on my mind right now. See you in May but hopefully a couple of times in between.

Do foodies only hang out with foodies?

I’ve met a variety of people both online and away from the computer because of my food adventures. They don’t all run in the same circles, but something I noticed about them is that they only seem to hang out with other food bloggers. Their food adventures almost always seem to involve at least one other online food personality. This strikes me as odd. What about all your other friends that aren’t online food personalities?

Almost none of my friends have online presence other than Facebook. To them Michelle and I are the King and Queen of the Internet. I really do enjoy being called that. While I have nothing against sharing a meal with someone I’ve met online through a common interest of food, I’d much rather share that meal with a close friend that I’ve known for a long time.

So what’s the deal? Have I not given myself the opportunity to get close to people just because I’ve met them through the Internet? Am I too attached to my existing circle of friends? Are all the food bloggers transplants that start from scratch in the friends department and they flock to those similar to them? Did all the non food blogging friends get sucked into the world of food blogging? Maybe it’s that food bloggers are all opinionated assholes and no one else can stand to be around them? I know it’s not this one. Not ALL of you anyway. (I kid!)

Help me understand the social dynamics of food bloggers. Am I missing something or am I  just a rare breed in the fold?

Hello michellewoo.com readers.

I’ve been keeping some form of blog for about ten years, way back when I had to edit HTML by hand and upload it every time I made a change. Back then it wasn’t even called a blog; it was just called a website, and I was the only one that really kept a personal one amongst my friends. I was kind of the (Internet) world.

Then came Michelle, and by comparison I got a lot less cool. I bet 80% of my readers are actually her readers first. I get the collateral traffic. Take today for instance. The day isn’t even ¬†over, and she’s spiked my traffic just like she did five days ago.

I guess I’ll just have to stick with being the cool one in real life.

Creatures of Habit

As humans we all get used to doing what is familiar to us. We get comfortable doing the same things over and over. There are restaurants that we frequent because we enjoy the food. We stick to certain products because they are what we have become accustomed to using. We say the same words and phrases over and over.

That’s got to affect blogging. Every time I get an idea that I want to blog I wonder to myself, “Have I already written about this?” I find myself having to search my own website to make sure that I haven’t written the exact same post before. The last thing I want is to sound like an old man, constantly telling kids to get off my lawn over and over while recounting stories of the good ole days to people that have absolutely no interest. How do you stay fresh with writing ideas?

After writing this I forgot to check whether I’ve blogged about this subject before. My apologies if it’s been done.

Google is Punkin’ Me

Seriously, what happened on December 29th? This is most confusing.

I should be on the list. I’m the plus one.


I always joke about riding Michelle’s coat tails to fame and glory, but it’s absolutely true. Take a look at my stats over the last thirty days. A single mention more than triples my daily traffic. This isn’t even close to her full audience, just the small fraction that can stomach my offensive rants and is willing to click through.

One of these blog posts is a lie.

I’m sure you’ve all seen Michelle’s latest post. I’m also sure you’ve seen one of her latest Twitter posts.


I’d like to offer a different side to the story, a tale of deception and corruption. This is the story of a blogger gone bad.

Michelle: I need to blog more, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to come up with good ideas.
Me: Well you just need one good idea to get you out of your slump and back in the game.
Michelle: What should I write about, computers?
Me: Don’t be ridiculous. Most of your readers are girls. You should be writing about things like delicious Thanksgiving dinners. Wait! I got it. Let’s stage an engagement. You can milk it for a couple years, write about wedding stuff too. Girls will eat that stuff up!
Michelle: That’s a great idea! Our families will be kind of mad when they find out, but it’s a small price to pay for blogger fame. Our story will have to be intricate.
Me: Don’t worry. I’ve got it covered. I’m going to work up this video and people will be so caught up in it that they won’t realize it’s old footage from “The Wonder Years” and by the time anyone figures out, we’ll be on our way to Mexico.
Michelle: Muahahahahahaha! Come on, do the evil laugh with me!
Me: Muahahahhaha!

Or I could just be in love…you decide.

A Question for Food/Lifestyle Bloggers

How do you save money? Do you save money? I read your blogs and wonder, “How much money do these people make at their jobs to be able to roll in style all the time? I wonder if they’re saving up money to buy homes.”

Where is the money saving guide on night life? Maybe I need to stop worrying about saving up for the future and live now. How do you do it?