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Give Me Two Nerd Points

I finally took the time to figure out what I need to do to tether my laptop to my Blackberry. Now I will never be without full computer Internet access as long as I have cell phone reception. There is no danger in me crashing into you while texting. Now you have to worry about me crashing into you while running “apt-get” commands.

A Momentous Occasion

Last night, something incredible happened. It was one of those times that I will always remember, where I was when it happened. Yes, I beat BrickBreaker on my Blackberry. I know the question Michelle is wondering right now. Does this mean you won’t be playing anymore? I don’t make promises I can’t keep.

Eating Like a King

Alice is back in town, and she wanted to get together for dinner. Since I was out of town earlier this week I told her and Michelle just to count me in and let me know where to show up with my fork. We met up with Jenny at Il Chianti last night for a six course meal. It was the meeting of the Moron Enterprises bloggers. We had michellewoo.com, aisforbigapple.com, and lovethewang.com.

I was powering through, and I thought I was doing pretty well with the pastas until I was informed the main dishes had not even arrived yet. It’s a hard life having to eat six course meals. Sorry about the quality of the photos. The lighting was low, and food doesn’t look as good when you use a flash.

So happy. We have no idea how much food is going to come out.

I’ve never seen one that big before. It’s tremendous.

Everyone has different sized hands. Use your head. Those are all almost the same size.

This reminds me of a movie I saw. It started with a pizza delivery.

It’s lame when everyone is taking pictures of food at the same time. One at a time!

Up yours, iPhone lovers! We’re the Blackberry crew!