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Another Year Older

Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. I’ve never had so many people give me birthday wishes. I think it has something to do with Facebook letting the whole world know. Anyway, it’s nice to be noticed for a day. People asked me what I was up to on my birthday and if I had plans for the evening. I went to work today and photography class after I got home. I’m undeniably in my late 20’s now. I have to be an adult. It can’t all be fun and games.*

*Fun and games this weekend. Drop me a line if you want to join in on the action.

Academic Decathalon is a Sport

I was going to get this cake for my birthday, but it seemed to be a cultural mismatch. At first I was offended until I turned the page and saw a cake that suited me. It was called, “Greatest Mathematics Theorist.” The craftsmanship on the cake is incredible, right down to the little abacus.

Behind Schedule

It’s almost one month until my birthday and I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do yet. Normally I have my birthday planned three months in advance, and the invites go out two and a half months in advance. You have to make sure that no one else can make other plans and weasel their way out of your birthday. Well, while I get to work on what we will do for my birthday, you can all start your shopping.

Don’t Stop Believin’ in Good Music

This weekend was Carissa’s birthday celebration. It started out at Musha. I have been to this place far too many times, but it never disappoints. It’s always as exciting every time they turn off the restaurant lights and the waiters sing happy birthday.

Afterwards we went to Ra. That’s right people. Torrance is coming up in this world. Expect a BJ’s this summer too! After a couple Jameson on the Rocks, I decided that cigars were a necessary addition. Fred and I went to Cohiba and picked up some of their finest, cheapest cigars. Not bad.

The night went on with drinks and tons of people showing up for Carissa’s birthday. She knows a lot of people. The party was really getting into a swing, and then I got tired of listening to hip hop requested they play some Journey, Oasis, or The Cure. They played Don’t Stop Believin’ and no more than thirty seconds into the song everyone went to take their smoke break outside. I think I killed the party.

Des and the City


“Darius’ School of Kamikaze Driving. Motto: Death Before Yielding.”

Desiree had her birthday celebration this weekend. She wanted it to be New York themed, so we dressed up and went to J Lounge. What says New York more than She said to get there early to avoid lines. These next three photos I’ve composed into a collection called, Des said, “Get There Early.”


No one here yet.


Sitting alone by the fire.


The DJ wasn’t even there. How sad.


Alice doing Soulja Boy or a monkey impersonation.


Their skin is not scaly. That’s the heat coming off the fire.


Typical “Everyone Looks Good” lighting in the club.

Another Birthday Weekend

There are lots of birthdays in the December and January months. This weekend was no different. We went out to celebrate Annie’s and Tim’s birthdays. We started out at Barney’s for some good beer and bar food. Afterwards we met up with Tim at the ice skating rink for some broomballing. It’s like being in high school church group all over again. It was a lot of fun, but all of us were bitching about how late we stayed out. We’re all getting older.


Michelle, being so emo with her new glasses and star sweatshirt.


Harrison and the birthday girl, Annie.


Michelle and Mirei at the ice skating rink.


The Blue Team.


The Red Team.







Sexy cake.


The birthday people.


*Bang* *Bang* Stick ’em up!


I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Another Birthday Celebration

This Saturday Ariane had her birthday celebration at The Edison. I am still recovering from my cold, so I refrained from drinking, unlike some other people who couldn’t make it out. Just like I thought, the night totally sucked being sober. Just kidding. It was cool getting out to see people after being couped up for a while. The birthday girl swears a lot when she’s drunk.


The birthday girl and boyfriend, drinking long before anyone else showed up.


I love the decor of the place.


This is what the Bat Cave would look like if Batman was a rapper.


Michelle and me, trying not to hack up a lung.


A swirl of lights.


“No way! The pink Teletubby can kick the green one’s ass!”


We don’t know who bought these drinks, but we told Ariane they were waters for her. Only when the flash went off could you tell it wasn’t water.


Drinks all around.

A Hello Kitty Weekend

This Friday was Spencer’s birthday. He thought he was going to a show. Little did he know that when he came upstairs to get the tickets that Vivian forgot, we jumped out and surprised him. We had a sushi party with all the fixings.


The chefs, preparing Japanese delicacies.


Harrison, looking especially creepy. Everyone dressed up in Hello Kitty attire.


Japanese people to judge our pathetic attempts at sushi.


Lo, looking very short bus.







The Hello Kitty cake.


Spencer with all his Hello Kitty gear.


Annie rocks out on Guitar Hero.

The next day Michelle and I were beat, so we took it easy. We went to watch Juno. This was an excellent movie, filled with dark humor. I recommend everyone go see it.

Another Weekend. This One I Remember.

Another weekend has passed, and tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone. I wasn’t smashed out of my head this weekend, so I remember it. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pictures to prove what went on, or what didn’t go on this weekend. I dropped my camera Friday night and it’s out of service. You’ll just have to take my work that there was no gay sex.

Friday was Julieann’s birthday, so Michelle, Alice, and I headed to Blue Velvet to hang out with a bunch of kids that graduated same year we did, but from high school and not college. It was fun to get out to a new place, but at one point Julieann and Christine started getting belligerent and directing their towards me and saying, “Stupid Randall! Who wants to be a doctor anyway?” Women…


Here are the girls with the birthday girl.


Here are a set of lights that I thought looked like toasted marshmallows. This was one of the last pictures I took with my camera as I dropped it after leaving the party.

Saturday was fish care day. For the 90% of you that don’t care about this, please skip to the next paragraph. I cleaned up my tanks, and for the first time ever I got pearling from my Java Moss. Pearling is the term used when plants produce oxygen bubbles during the photosynthesis process. It’s supposed to be pretty common in high light fertilized tanks, but this is my low light tank with no fertilizers. Still, it’s a success.


Those tiny dots are oxygen bubbles. This was taken with my mom’s camera.

Saturday night I headed out again with Michelle and Alice to a house party held by one of Des’ friends. It was a decent sized house, but it had way too many people in it. Before you get to thinking that it was some crazy party, it was definitely not that. These were mostly church folk, probably a hundred of them. It was a wine tasting party with jazz. It’s not really the kind of party that keeps you awake. After two hours of that, we had enough and headed home for the night.

Today was spent helping my dad and my uncle clean out more of my grandma’s stuff. I don’t know what it is about old people, but they like to collect stuff they will never use. Among the things in my grandma’s garage were 10-year old water, 5-year old rice (uncooked but still gross), a baby stroller, clothes from the 60’s (not the cool vintage kind), and rocks (a pain to move). Yet with all the stuff in there, there was not a single thing of value, no old baseball cards, comic books, or records. It really goes to show you that most of us live lives of over indulgence. There’s something to be said about simplicity.

See you online from work, everyone.

Blow Torches and Bowling Balls

Michelle’s birthday has come and gone. She is officially an adult. There is no better way to celebrate such an occasion than with good food, plenty of drinks, and bowling. Lots of pictures to follow after the break.


Here is Michelle with my present to her. It was originally going to be all pictures of me, but I thought that was a little out of hand. Plus, all the other girls would try to steal such a gem.


Hungry Pi Phis.


Tyson has the smallest eyes in the picture. That’s still not irony.


Seriously, Tim?


More friends.


Spencer is the angry third wheel.


Getting loopy with hunger. Bring our food out!


Ice cold pitchers of beer with sake on ice.


Alice just laughs as Desiree tries to outdo everyone else’s sake bomb.


The food starts to arrive.  Looks awesome.


Tyson is the worst FOB ever. Teach him Angie.


Grilling over a live fire is just an awesome way to cook.


This is an ever cooler way to cook. I want to touch the pretty blue flame.


People engrossed in their food. No that doesn’t mean the food is gross.




Birthday cake, candles, and Japanese men singing “Happy Birsday!”


Making wishes come true. (Yeah, that was gay.)


In case you didn’t know whose birthday we were celebrating.


Mo limbos to get into the picture with Ariane.


The gang, boozing at Lucky Strike.


Spencer looks like a great bowling here with ball on target, but it’s the second frame!


For some reason, Christina felt the need to brace herself for the picture.


Typical Fred, jumping into a picture at the last second.


I can’t tell if Mo is giving the peace sign or being perverted.


Carissa does her best monster pose.


Michelle poses in her birthday present from Alice, a negative ion helmet.