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Greatest Rock Band Ever

Remember when I was saying I needed to get a new hobby? Guitar and drums were part of the possibilities. Well I found a way to do both.


I caved in and bought The Beatles Rock Band. I didn’t play with the drums last night, but I rocked out on McCartney’s bass while Michelle sang. I think the game did a great job staying true to The Beatles spirit.

I need to get a mic stand so I can sing and play at the same time.

I Met the Walrus

Whether you want to call them a band, musical artists, or performers, the Beatles are the greatest. It wasn’t just their music that made them great. They had a vision of peace that they believed wholeheartedly and expressed openly.

We now get to get a glimpse of this vision. “I Met the Walrus” is a short animation to a tape interview of John Lennon. You can read more about it here and here. The film is wonderfully animated, not only from an artistic point of view, but it helps make the audio more understandable. Lennon’s ability to articulate this message so simply and without hesitation amazes me. To be that dedicated to something so pure is incredible. Most people that are so dedicated to a belief will kill you or try to beat you up for disagreeing.

Beatles on iTunes!

You can soon grab the entire Beatles’ back catalog on iTunes. The deal has been made between Apple Computer and Apple Corps, the Beatles’ corporation that manages their music catalog. Paul McCartney will receive 400 million dollars out of this deal. I’d wager he is still receiving royalties on top of that initial sum. He needs the cash, because a portion of that is going to that bitch, Heather Mills, as their divorce settlement continues. Although dollar amounts are not mentioned, I’m sure Ringo and the estates of the other Beatles made out like bandits too.

I believe they completely deserve every cent they get. They revolutionized music, and no one does their music justice but them. I hope this will spread their music to a wider audience, because I’m tired of hearing the crap that is on the airwaves as of late.

This Kid Puts Me to Shame

For all of you that think you know your rock history, it is incomplete without knowing the history and the catalog of The Beatles. Here is a kid that is quite young and doesn’t even speak English. Yet somehow he manages to sing one of the classics.

If you look at related YouTube videos, it’s unfortunate that the parents of his kid seem to be whoring him out for stardom though. Make it big through your kid!

Viva Las Vegas

It’s good to be back home. Las Vegas is a city that never stops, and it has taken its toll on me. Despite the trip being just Michelle and me, we got quite a few pictures taken.


This was lunch on Friday at Dick’s Last Resort in Excalibur. They play Grease on a loop, talk rude to you, and make these awesome hats. I didn’t get one, but I’m sure if I did it would have been some snide comment questioning my manhood. If anyone stops in here, be sure to try the Pork Bonerz.


We got hooked up with free tickets to Def Comedy Jam. We were afraid we weren’t ‘hood enough to understand the jokes, but it turned out great. The comedians were hilarious.


Planet Hollywood had its grand opening, and DMC showed up. His posse looked like they weren’t happy with me taking pictures, but I told them I saw Def Comedy Jam earlier that night and said, “We cool, G?”


This is second reception we walked right into at Planet Hollywood. The first was for John Stewart’s show. This was for Bruce Willis’ band. Perhaps we looked important, but no one questioned use without all access badges.


Baby shrimp inside a baby pineapple. Those Hollywood types know how to live. Combined with two free bottles of water and six free drinks, we did pretty well during the night.


We weren’t so fortunate in other places. They had barriers just for me.


Michelle shows why she loves Las Vegas.


Michelle shows her excitement for buffets.


The walkway into the theater.


The fifth and sixth Beatles.


The Love Theatre.


Love, Love, Love! Greatest show I’ve ever seen.


Bellagio never ceases to amaze with their decorative displays.


Still sleeping with no idea that I’ve lost our cab fare money. We’re walking to the airport.