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Too Tired from Playing to Go to Work

You think that excuse would ever work for getting out of work? It’s the honest truth. This weekend has been so full of activities. I am just beat.

Friday night was designed to cross of one of the items off of Michelle’s to do list. We had a drink or three out on the town. Actually it was four each. Things really come into perspective when you’ve had a few drinks. It was good to relax and get in the mood for the long weekend.

The weekend went on from there to include a birthday dinner, two BBQs, many hours of Wii Fit, bowling at Randall’s, and Rock Band. Here are some of the recaps.

If you don’t see it this week, remind me to tell you about our bowling league with the coveted trophy and the reason why my bowling nickname is Hula Hump.

Is it Friday yet?

Smoked Ribs, Attempt Two

My brother came down for the weekend with Joy. Shehad a baby shower to go to, so while she was playing “smell the diaper” games, Mike and I were fighting it out for our father’s love. That’s right. It was a Wii battle. I took golf and bowling with ease. Baseball and tennis were his arenas. In the end, it came down to mental ability in the puzzle games. Needless to say, I got blown out of the water. I have shamed the family and will be moving out this weekend. I am sore from playing Wii sports. Real sports must be even tougher.

Saturday night we went out to dinner for my mom’s birthday. Michelle and I wanted to go to Musha, but they were all booked. Instead we went to the original plan, Izakaya Yuzen Kan. This place is actually quite similar to Musha as far as serving tapas style dishes that are Japanese fusion. The food was good, and I’d go back there again. Musha still gets my vote for the hip factor and cheese risotto.

Sunday was my second try at smoking ribs. I turned it into a full on BBQ, complete with Rock Band. For the first couple hours, I couldn’t get anyone to go outside. They were watching the new home theater setup and playing Rock Band.

This is epic. Two guitars. We truly are a rock band now.

These ribs were much juicier than the last ones. The next batch I will work on getting the outside crispy and getting more of the rub flavor to stick to the ribs.

I finally got everyone outside to snack on the ribs. You can see in the reflection that the sun is shining and the skies are blue.

This is the life…

Hot Piece of Meat

This weekend was sweltering. Of course it was the weekend we planned to celebrate Harrison’s and my birthday and have a BBQ to welcome Harrison back to Southern California.

The lights have a cool yellow appearance. Then you realize it’s all the grease coming from the grills that has turned them yellow.

Flock of Seagulls and teased bangs were no match for sweat and Korean BBQ oils.

Kyung’s birthday gift to me. If you don’t know what these are, you are far too young.

Oregon Trail, anyone? Space/King’s/Police Quest? Maybe a little Leisure Suit Larry?

Stuffed and sweating meat out of our pores.

After stuffing our faces with meat, we headed over to Miss T’s Barcade. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this hidden gem, it is a dive bar with 80’s arcade games. They serve beer, soju cocktails, and sake bombs. Careful with the sake bombs, though. The bartender didn’t know how to make one at first, and he gave me a glass half full of beer and half full of sake. That is what I like to call a Nagasake Bomb. The place is really cool, and since no one else was around, it was like we rented out the place to ourselves.

A little bit of Joust to start off the night.

The whole bar is singing happy birthday, but it looks like we’re just singing to ourselves.

Kyung brought an LED toy that said, “Let’s Party” when spun around. It’s being spun backwards here. I found twenty pictures of this thing on my camera in the morning.

Pretty much the gayest picture we could’ve taken all night.

The only defense I can give for that last picture is the Nagasake Bomb. I went home and crashed right away. I’m pretty sure the right side of Michelle’s bed smells like Korean BBQ now. I woke up a little bit late to head over to Harrison’s plae to start smoking some meat.

With the heat wave, this pool looked so inviting.

This is why we’re here. This is why we’re here.

Grilled to perfection.

Wasp nest on the basketball hoop. Every time someone hit the rim or backboard, they would fly around and land again, only to be disturbed by the next shot.

My first batch of smoked ribs. You can see the meat came off the bones when I picked them up with a pair of tongs.

Time approves of my ribs. They were good, but I want to do better next time.

This weekend was spent gorging myself with deliciously cooked meats and sweating out those same meats from my pores. This is the good life.

Summer of BBQs

Diets be damned! This summer is The Summer of BBQs. Every weekend when there aren’t plans to do something is an automatic excuse to fire up the grill. We run around so much, both in real life and in our virtual lives online, that we forget to enjoy the simple things. That is what The Summer of BBQs is all about, hanging out and catching some rays, enjoying a cold brew, and eating meat. My BBQ grill has a deep fryer attachment that I’m too scared to try, but if someone is willing to risk third degree oil burns, let’s fry up some delicious goodnes.

Now to sell you on this brilliant idea.

How can you say no to that?