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Nothing says romance like porking.

This year, like every other year, Michelle and I decided not to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. We wanted to go to somewhere that wouldn’t be crowded or overpriced. We found it. Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ .

8 types of pork belly. Wine, original, ginger, garlic, herb, curry, miso, and hot.

This restaurants is brilliant just for serving a pork belly sampler, but even the design of the grill is well thought out. The grill is tilted at an angle and the fat runs off into a hole in the table but only after seasoning the kimchi.

The meal even comes with a seafood soup.

The hot soup is a must to make sure your system doesn’t get too clogged up with pork fat.

You might think gorging yourself with meat and smelling like smoke would not be conducive to love. Think again. You smell good enough to eat and you probably have already unbuttoned your pants on the car ride home.

San Diego Beer Tour: Day 1

My buddy Tim has been wanting to check out some of the breweries that produce the beer we enjoy so much. We finally booked a weekend and left an open invitation to our friends, but no one wanted to go. Michelle even declined to go saying, “I don’t want to be a third wheel.” Consequently, the beer we bottled before we left on the trip we called Third Wheel.

Our first stop on our way down was Phil’s BBQ, a very popular food joint that hasn’t made its way out of the San Diego area yet. It’s only a matter of time though, because this place is awesome.

Tri tip sandwich, smothered in Phil’s BBQ sauce. The tri tip was so perfectly smokey. I felt the BBQ sauce covered that too much.

Pulled pork over a bed of cabbage. Although the pork was plenty juicy, this is where I would put more BBQ sauce. The sweetness would compliment this sandwich well.

Their beer battered onion rings are incredible.

We really had no schedule for breweries on Friday, but Hess Brewery was doing an event to support the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Ian, the guy on the poster, has lost the use of his legs due to MS but is still doing a 150 mile ride from Irvine to San Diego to raise funds to fight MS. Check out his site here.

Hess was busy with lots of people supporting Ian and enjoying good beer.

Hess’ Ex Umbris with nitrogen pour makes for an awesome, creamy stout that makes great cream mustaches.

Unfortunately for me,  I lack the mustache for the cream to take hold, so I get the pervert cream ‘stache at the edge of my lip.

The best part about beer is that you can sit on a curb and ponder life while drinking it, much like whisky, gin, and vodka.

We managed to score some inexpensive tickets to a Padres game.

It was Padres vs. Diamondbacks, two teams we care nothing for, so the game was pretty pouring. Fortunately they serve Stone and Ballast Point on tap at the stadium.

After the game, we headed to Roberto’s to get some carne asada fries. The asada was pretty dry. It’s probably been this way every time I went in college, but just like back in the day, it was pretty satisfying.

Still wanting to drink a few more beers, we headed to Pizza Port. I really enjoy Oskar Blues’ Gubna.

The pizza isn’t bad here other. The sauce doesn’t stand out very much from the big chain pizza joints, but they pile on lots of fresh toppings and the curst is fantastic. I would love to have a pizza joint like this locally that serves great beer.

Up next, more beer.

Hoppy Beerthday to Me!

I got to celebrate my 31st birthday this weekend with my buddy Harrison, who shares a birthday week with me, in awesome fashion, sharing beer and food with some friends.

We cracked open some brews and even some special bottles I picked up. I got to share my love of beer with my friends.

For food, we tossed some bacon wrapped pork loins into the bottom of the smoker.

On top, one more pork loin and baby back ribs. I had to roll the ribs and tie them because there wasn’t enough room to lay them out. They actually didn’t fit this way either. I had to tilt them so they didn’t press up against the lid.

Brautwursts, boiled in our home brew red ale before heading to the grill.

Toss some veggies onto the grill, and the party was on its way.

It was also a gorgeous day to be outside. Thank you, sun, for coming out for my birthday.

It was good getting to spend time with friends just hanging out.

My friend even brought his dog, and she loved our sheep skin rug.

Michelle even made some awesome treats for the group. She made Sriracha Deviled Eggs and Mini Spinach Cups. Here she is, pulling her shrimp toast from the oven.

The meat came out great, with a nice smoke ring.

There was so much meat left over, which is almost never a bad thing.

The aftermath. Good times!

Work Lunch

To celebrate the completion of our move, we decided to break out the BBQ and cook up some hot dogs and burgers. Of course we topped it off with bacon. I had to toss the foil on the ground and stomp out a couple grease fires.

The diet starts tomorrow.

Korean BBQ is a noodle, right?

Noodle Club has come back together after a summer off. From the suggestion of Michelle and one other member, we went to Corner Place Restaurant for some cold noodles. I know what you’re thinking. Cold noodles? That sounds like a terrible idea. I’m totally with you on that. I’m a big believer in hot food and cold beverages. I went into this meeting very skeptical.

Fortunately for me, while cold noodles are a star dish here at this restaurant, it’s still considered a side dish making way for the main event. Meat.

Raw beef is my new favorite noodle.

Mmm, smoky goodness.

The cold noodles. It’s good, very refreshing. This compliments the grilled meat well. While I would not want this as a dish by itself, it’s great with a heavier main dish. I have found a great exception to the hot meal, cold beverage rule.

While Noodle Club is serious business, we still like to have fun. See? We even made a volcano onion.

Damn you picky eaters!

Have you ever had to grill up meat for a party and each person like theirs cooked a different way? Medium. Medium rare. Then there’s always that strange one, who likes his meat cooked well done. Seriously, who does that? (I’m looking at you Chris.)

Fortunately someone created this little gadget to get around all the guess work. Personally I like to just poke at the meat to figure out how cooked it is, but this seems like a novel idea for those that are unsure of how firm their meat should be at each stage of cooking.

I wonder if I could get this thing to tweet my BBQ status.

Happy America Day! Unbutton your pants.

America is another year older as an independent country. Nothing says America better than cramming your gullet full of too much food and too much alcohol.

BBQ number one took place in Costa Mesa with Jenny and her neighbors and their friends. That is probably the most diverse gathering at a BBQ that you will ever see. Fake boobs and tattoos came in from the IE. Then there were the Asian kids. Last but not least were a group of pasty white hipster kids. Still it was good food and drinks for all.

Let me tell you something about Jenny. She can mix a great cocktail, and she can make some awesome dishes, all from scratch. Here is her spinach and artichoke dip.

The ranch veggie dip in this photo is also made from scratch. I won’t argue against the fact that it tastes a lot better than ranch from the store shelves, but think of all the web surfing she could have done if she didn’t make it from scratch!

You can’t have a BBQ without putting something on the actual grill. Jenny’s bratwursts and chicken apple sliders.

These little suckers are magnificent. I could eat about twenty of them.

It wouldn’t be a celebration of America if there wasn’t at least one drunk idiot, right?

Throw another shrimp on the barbie!

Mango salsa and BBQ shrimp. Sacrilicious.

Of course you can’t forget dessert. Jenny’s cupcakes with scratch frosting.

After baking in the Orange County sun for far too long and getting a nice foot tan from my Rainbows, Michelle and I headed up to Torrance to another friend’s Fourth of July celebration. We said we weren’t going to eat anymore, but we couldn’t deny the call to become American fat asses.

Grapes stuffed with goat cheese and topped with pistacchio.

Mo’s seafood paella. He’s getting good at this dish. It’s got everything Michelle loves. Sausage and seafood.

Food with American colors. Red, white…and green?

Shrimp egg rolls? Shrimp in a blanket? I don’t know what you call these, but they’re delicious.

Independence Day wouldn’t be complete without lighting up the night sky with some fireworks. Here are the least blurry ones where I kept from shaking for a split second with my point-and-shoot camera.

After the festivities were over, we walked home along the railroad tracks. Hope everyone had a safe weekend and kept all their fingers too.

Shit. I’m a Food Blogger.

Damn you, sinosoul!

I know how it happened. I saw it coming, but I still didn’t stop it. Writing about my meals was my lazy out, because every day it’s guaranteed that I eat. It’s a readily available source of material. I sleep every day too but not many people would stick around to read this blog if it were pictures of me sleeping taken from my tripod setup on a timer. Or would they? Nope.

So why the desire to avoid being called a food blogger? It just seems so elitist. I’ve heard it put best with the saying, “Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got one and no one thinks their’s stinks.” When it comes to tastes in food, everyone’s entitled to his opinions, but every time you give a thumbs up or down to a meal, you’re going to have someone that disagrees. I applaud those food bloggers out there willing to put an opinion down and stick with it, but who am I to say that that you cannot find as much enjoyment in fast food as I do in a “gourmet meal” at a 5-star restaurant? I don’t need more conflict in my life! I’m getting married. I already have plenty already .

So now that that’s said, there’s nothing left to do but talk about food.

During my battle with the flu Michelle picked up Chego for us. I’ve written about Chego before being too flavorful, and if you look at this dish it was really no different. You can see how much oil is in this dish. Having my taste buds numbed by illness made this meal quite enjoyable.

Thursday I took a walk to Choppe Choppe (a nod to another food blogger I know) down the street to grab a sandwich and some soup for my weary body. I can’t tell you what it is is that I love about the combination of wild mushrooms and brie. Perhaps if I do more food blogging I will be able to tell you but all I can tell you is that I love it.

The sandwich was BBQ pulled pork sandwich. The bread was too tough for my tastes. Meat was cooked nicely and the BBQ sauce was delicious, both spicy and sweet, but the slaw topping seemed to do more to mask the other flavors than anything else.

Judgements will not be cast when it comes to food. I’ll save them for musical tastes. Don’t get me started there. Your favorite band sucks.

A pocket of hot, juicy love.

Now that I’ve got your attention with a misleading title, let’s talk burgers. Tim has had the urge to make a Jucy Lucy. We picked up some ground beef and various cheeses and got to work. The problem is that none of us have ever made one of these.

Inside of these patties lurks sharp cheddar, American, and blue cheese. Also inside are some bacon and jalapenos! Looking good!

Oh no! They’re breaking apart! For the love of god, why?!

These didn’t turn out so bad, but we already have plans to make them better next time. Thinner patties, more pocket space, and cheese piled into a smaller, tighter bundle.

Mother Nature Loves America!

So over the past week I’ve been watching the weather and posting status updates on the view from my house, which totally sucked. The clouds rolled in from the Pacific, and I could barely see past PCH. Even the morning of Fourth of July the clouds rolled in from the seas.


Fortunately for us, Mother Nature loves America and cleared up the clouds just enough for us to see some fireworks. I was too lazy to pull out my 200mm lens, so my videos and photos were kind of far. It’s a good thing my friends are camera nerds too and brought out the big guns. I spliced some of his videos together and sped it up for some explosive viewing. Enjoy. (I stripped the sound out of the clip because it was so windy and we were talking over the footage anyway.)

All the little flashes you see around the main shows are the illegal fireworks shows going off all over the Los Angeles basin.