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San Diego Beer Tour: Day 1

My buddy Tim has been wanting to check out some of the breweries that produce the beer we enjoy so much. We finally booked a weekend and left an open invitation to our friends, but no one wanted to go. Michelle even declined to go saying, “I don’t want to be a third wheel.” Consequently, the beer we bottled before we left on the trip we called Third Wheel.

Our first stop on our way down was Phil’s BBQ, a very popular food joint that hasn’t made its way out of the San Diego area yet. It’s only a matter of time though, because this place is awesome.

Tri tip sandwich, smothered in Phil’s BBQ sauce. The tri tip was so perfectly smokey. I felt the BBQ sauce covered that too much.

Pulled pork over a bed of cabbage. Although the pork was plenty juicy, this is where I would put more BBQ sauce. The sweetness would compliment this sandwich well.

Their beer battered onion rings are incredible.

We really had no schedule for breweries on Friday, but Hess Brewery was doing an event to support the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Ian, the guy on the poster, has lost the use of his legs due to MS but is still doing a 150 mile ride from Irvine to San Diego to raise funds to fight MS. Check out his site here.

Hess was busy with lots of people supporting Ian and enjoying good beer.

Hess’ Ex Umbris with nitrogen pour makes for an awesome, creamy stout that makes great cream mustaches.

Unfortunately for me,  I lack the mustache for the cream to take hold, so I get the pervert cream ‘stache at the edge of my lip.

The best part about beer is that you can sit on a curb and ponder life while drinking it, much like whisky, gin, and vodka.

We managed to score some inexpensive tickets to a Padres game.

It was Padres vs. Diamondbacks, two teams we care nothing for, so the game was pretty pouring. Fortunately they serve Stone and Ballast Point on tap at the stadium.

After the game, we headed to Roberto’s to get some carne asada fries. The asada was pretty dry. It’s probably been this way every time I went in college, but just like back in the day, it was pretty satisfying.

Still wanting to drink a few more beers, we headed to Pizza Port. I really enjoy Oskar Blues’ Gubna.

The pizza isn’t bad here other. The sauce doesn’t stand out very much from the big chain pizza joints, but they pile on lots of fresh toppings and the curst is fantastic. I would love to have a pizza joint like this locally that serves great beer.

Up next, more beer.

Los Calcetines Rojos Son El Diablo

Well, the baseball season is over for the Angels. I am a little bit sad and somewhat caught in a state of disbelief. The Angels were the team to beat coming into the playoffs, but they just couldn’t get things together. The Red Sox must have made a deal with the devil. How else do you beat a team of heavenly beings?

What is even more surprising than the Angels early departure from the playoffs is the tear the Dodgers are on right now. I know Manny is a talented player, but I had no idea he would bring such dynamics to the rest of the team. The team is hitting like crazy right now. How great would it be to see Manny face his old teammates in the World Series?

Then I could cheer on the Dodgers and claim I’m more of a Dodgers fan anyway, just like all the rest of the “fans” in Los Angeles. Yeah, right. My heart is with the Angels. Go Halos! We’ll be back next year.

Bowling, The Musical

This weekend was jam packed with fun. I didn’t get to finish all my work I took home, but that is the sign of a truly fun weekend I suppose. There are tons of pictures, so stay with me.

Friday started out with happy hour at Ra. Michelle was already there with her work, and they were drinking their fair share as usual. I met up with Randall, Vicky, Fred, and some of Randall’s medical colleagues. After that Michelle and I headed to El Cid to watch a show for her work. We say Big Phony, who of course is Korean. That guy is super nice, offering to get my money back because I came with Michelle for her work, and when the bouncer was busy he was trying to fork out some cash from his own wallet. I’m glad I didn’t take it, because during his set he kept talking about how poor he was, doing the Master Cleanse because he was too poor to eat. He’s a pretty talented guy, and you should check him out if you’re into music from the Juno Soundtrack.

Buy stuff, so he can eat food.

The band before Big Phony. We just call her “Tall Girl.”

Bobby Choy, Big Phony himself.

Big Phony and the rest of the band with crowd in front.

Saturday I got a chance to see Randall’s place, a little closer to being completed. We got to test out his bowling alley. I figured out how the back end works, so now I can get a job as the bowling lane operator and live under the stairs at his house. Unfortunately Fred and Spencer went ahead and broke the damn thing. Now I have to get a job running the theater or bar tending.

Randall’s alley wasn’t the only bowl on Saturday. I was lucky enough to be given tickets to the Hollywood Bowl to see The Cure. The concert was incredible. Robert Smith knows how to perform. I’ve never seen The Cure live, and I didn’t know what to expect as far as the vocals went, but it was superb. Watching people in their 30’s dance awkwardly with moves that look like they choreographed them before the concert is kind of painful.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Cure!

Robert Smith. Great vocals in a strange looking package.

Sorry about my, and everyone else’s, added vocals. I was excited.

As if happy hour, bowling, and a couple music events weren’t enough, we topped off the whole weekend with a baseball game. Michelle, Annie, Alice, and I went to see the Blue Jays play the Angels. After stopping at Guppy Tea House to make sure they had plenty of Asian food to enjoy with America’s favorite pastime, we went to the game.

Sometimes I think I need a hat this large to hold all my thoughts inside my head.

Two of these girls could care less about the game. Guess which two?

“We’re going to sit in those empty seats, get some sun, and read magazines.”

Alice knows what baseball games are about, but I made her pay for rooting against the Angels.

“Beer makes me sleepy. Maybe they won’t notice if I take a quick nap.”

Bases loaded, bottom of the 9th. The pitcher hits the batter to tie the game and then gives up a hit to lose. Angels win! In your face, Alice!

June looks to be packed all month. Stay tuned for more.

Life in a Box

We have a renter for the old house. It all happened so quickly. Within a week we had a renter and had to clean up the old house in a hurry. Digging through all the old stuff I found some cool things. I dug up my baseball cards and comic books, which are completely worthless.

These bring back so many memories. If the house wasn’t already a mess, and I didn’t fear my mom, I would break these bad boys open and start playing in the living room.

The icing on the cake. The Millennium Falcon. My brother and I were pretty spoiled, because even though the box says, ACTION FIGURES SOLD SEPARATELY, we had all of those as well.

Not everything growing up was nerdy. I was also a star athlete.

Just to prove I’m not taking credit for my brother’s accomplishments.