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Howl at the Moon

Not wanting to be the old couple, after we gorged ourselves on pastries and pasta, we decided stay up and head to Howl at the Moon. This bar actually exists in a few cities, including Hollywood. If it’s half as fun as the one in Boston, I’d be happy to go.

The concept is simple. It’s a dueling piano bar that takes requests from the audience, but at least in the Boston location they had six different musicians that night. They play many a lot more than just the piano and they switch up. There was a drum set, an electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, a keytar, and they even pulled out a flute during one of the songs.

You can see they are pretty talented. Here they are performing Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass.

Fellow Interweb people, it’s time to meet.

I’ve been introduced to a lot of cool people on the Internet, but I really haven’t met many in person. I think it’s time to change it. I’ve written about Melody Bar & Grill before. They’re holding a little Blogger Get Together¬†this Thursday. Please join me so that I can put some faces to the hilarious comments I see floating on the Internet.

2008? Never Happened.

Welcome to 2009. When you accidentally write 2008 on your checks and paperwork, please keep it to yourselves. No one wants to hear about it. Everyone does it. We don’t need to be told that you do it too.

This year’s New Year’s Eve started at Annie’s place eating home made pizza, taco snacks, and other delicious confections. The night was pretty tame until we decided we needed to ring in the new year with strangers.

At 11:00 PM we walked out in a group to find a bar to ring in the new year. I drank three beers on the walk to The Dresden, which was full. The bouncer said, “You guys are crazy, trying to get in somewhere at 11:30!” We set out to prove him wrong, and we found another bar around the corner with plenty of room. We rang in the new year together and made our way to yet another bar. I don’t know who else noticed, but I saw a guy dressed in Jedi robes. I wished him a Happy New Year as I waved my hand in typical Jedi mind control fashion.

The walk back to Annie’s was long. All of us pulled out our digital cameras and started snapping pictures. I deleted about thirty pictures of people pointing cameras back at me. I think a safe guideline to go by for New Year’s pictures is that if you post them within twelve hours of your night,¬† you didn’t party hard enough. I’m in the clear here.


I was trying to spell out Happy New Year with the lights. Can you tell?


Happy New Year! No looking back.

Bulls on Parade

I’m still catching up on my sleep from traveling. Here is my weekend in a nutshell.

Yeehaw! The birthday girl rides at Black Bull.

Biker Gang

Last night I spent some time with Kyung. He’s moving up north for work, and this was one of my last chances to see him before he takes off. We decided on biking from PV to Hermosa for a few drinks. Harrison and Susan joined us. I thought this wouldn’t be a problem like last time, since we were only going half the distance. Nope! Ariane and Gregg were running a little behind, so we had time to go all the way to El Segundo again before hitting Hermosa. I was also hoping Susan would be the weak link and let me travel at a slow pace, but apparently spin classes really do work. It wasn’t nearly as bad as last time though.

Trying make rude gestures for the photo. Crotches forward!

Susan and Harrison, looking like a newspaper delivery boy.

Trying to get creative with the camera. Who’s got the lightsaber?

Almost at the end.

He’s making a break for it!

These last couple pictures were taken at the end of our ride, by the refinery in El Segundo. I wasn’t sure which of these pictures looked more stupid, so I’ll let you guys decide. As the timer counted down for these pictures Kyung yelled, “Yeah, bikes!” It’s the same chant he has when he gets excited for anything.

Harrison looks grumpy.

Fun times.

2008: Going to be Great

Another New Year’s Eve has come and gone. Here is the quick recap with some pictures. This one was spent at Sharkeez in Newport Beach. Jenny was serving up the drinks and avoiding shots with drunken patrons. We were drinking in the new year. We got lost on the way back home after Chase went running after Krystal, wandered into a crappy house party where the beer sucked, but we made it home safe and sound.


Krystal and Chase with Jenny in the back.


Jenny kept giving me these big drinks. I spent half the night peeing.


Some more Asians.


Jenny, using the tools of the trade to get people intoxicated.


It’s just after 2:00 AM and everyone is asleep.


The DiGiorno Pizza is all mine, or so I thought. Chase came downstairs to split it with me.

Thanksgiving Recap

Well, I have thoroughly enjoyed the long weekend. I’ll do this in reverse.


I got this really high score in TextTwist. I was a little bit mad when I lost on a word that isn’t even English.


The burger sampler at Hennessey’s. Just plain awesome.


The guy who took this picture was quite drunk. He couldn’t figure out how to use my camera, because he saw no buttons on it. He was holding the damn thing upside down.


Seating at the Skydeck of Zinc Lounge in Shade Hotel in Manhattn Beach in California in The United States on Earth.

We need to stay here during the summer and hang out here.

Other than going out on Saturday night, I got a suit, ate a lot of food, saw my family, did a ridiculous amount of sleeping, watched a few episodes of The Office, and did a whole lot of nothing, . It was an excellent weekend, exactly how every one should be…four days long and filled with nothing.