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It’s Over. I’m a Loser.

Hundreds of thousands of people raced. I ended up in 25th place with my ranking going to 11th place at times. Still, I am a loser, not because I didn’t plast first. It was more the fact that I wasted a week of time playing this game that I knew I had no chance of winning. I even drafted my cousin, who is on summer break, to pick up on flying when I was at work and sleeping.

I’m Losing

My ranking keeps dropping every minute. I have no idea how to fly my balloon. As long as I am not last, I am satisfied. Surely there is someone out there that isn’t even playing and is stuck at the finish line.

Internet Balloon Race

If you look up above, you’ll see a very conspicuous banner. What is it for? It’s for the Internet’s first balloon race! You read the FAQ here. I honestly don’t know what it’s all about or how it works. I just thought it sounded like an interesting concept. It starts on June 23rd and ends June 30th. I have no idea how, but you guys can help out by giving my balloon a boost.