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Whose Baby Is It?

It’s  been about six months since we tried to guess which one of us Maggie looks like. She has stopped looking EXACTLY like Michelle, but I don’t think she really looks very much like me. You decide. Click on the photo for the full size image.


Sorry for All the Maggie Photos

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a baby girl. Perhaps you’ve seen her in the 400+ Instagram photos. (You may also notice I like beer.)

It’s a bit weird. I insisted when Maggie was first born that I didn’t want to be one of those parents that crams his kid down people’s throats, and yet I obviously have become just that. For myself, I never thought about what it would be like to have a child. I thought it would be interesting as part of a life experience, but I didn’t think I would find myself so overcome with excitement that I would post so many photos of Maggie. I find myself saying, “I love this baby,” even when just looking at photos of her.

Everyone thinks their baby is the cutest thing out there, which explains my obsession. What I couldn’t understand is why everyone else seems to also be enamored with Maggie. Then I discovered something crazy.


Go ahead and take a moment to see the full size image and soak all this information in before I continue. It’s crazy, huh? This is the reason so many of you are fascinated with Maggie. Without realizing it, you discovered what I just learned. Maggie is TIME TRAVELLING MICHELLE! (Try not to linger too long on the father-daughter/husband-wife implications. That just gets weird.)  She was sent back to the past, probably to save us from some robot uprising. Maggie is John Connor!

The next time you’re in a bar and you see us, buy Michelle a drink. She saved humanity from the terminators. Heck, buy Maggie a drink too. Don’t question why we have a baby in a bar.

Face Off!

Michelle and I have been trying to solve the mystery of genetics and figure out who Maggie looks like, and today I finally thought I made a breakthrough. I texted my parents a photo telling them, “She looks like me here.” Two hours later I got a single response of, “We don’t think so.”

So then I started digging through old baby photos from our wedding slideshow. This just made things even more confusing.


1. Why the heck did Michelle’s parents dress her like an extra in Little House on the Prarie?
2. Should I check to make sure I’m not related to Michelle?
3. So who does she look like?

We’re having a girl!

At least I’m pretty sure the baby’s a girl. I know what I saw. For whatever reason, the doctor and the ultrasound technician will only say that’s what they think they saw. They won’t say definitively that it’s a girl. Regardless, we will be referring to our baby as she and her. If we are wrong, Michelle and I will have a great story to tell to our son when he has all his high school friends over. It’s this story all over again.

Time for baby to start earning some money!

I was sitting around dreading how much money this baby is going to cost us and hoping there was a way for us to offset some of the costs. Then it hit me. Gambling! We could let people place bets on our baby’s gender. It’s no crazier than people betting on the coin toss in a Super Bowl.

With some help from my cousin, we came up with a way for people to place bets into a Google Docs spreadsheet with variable odds based on the betting field.

Unfortunately Michelle didn’t like the idea, so we had to scratch it. Looks like we’ll just have to subject the kid to doing commercials to pull in that extra income. Baby, it’s time you started pulling your own weight around the house.

It’s a…

Michelle had a special doctor’s appointment today with the high resolution ultrasound. We’re not at eighteen weeks just yet, but we thought we might be able to determine the gender.

Our baby looks healthy and was moving the arms and kicking the legs like crazy. The baby either really loves the vegetable juice Michelle drank before the appointment or really hates it. Unfortunately the gender results were inconclusive. The ultrasound technician didn’t want to give a firm answer of her guess. As far as we know, it’s a girl…or he takes after his father. Heyo!

Michelle was a little bit disappointed not to be able to determine the gender. She was really hoping to see genitalia today. I told her the day’s not over yet. Double heyo!

Our baby is waving hello!

Who’s your daddy?

If the video wasn’t self explanatory, I was not hiding in some random woman’s ultrasound appointment. I’m going to be a dad! Michelle is going to be a mom! A young Padawan is on the way!


Here is the reason we went up to San Jose for Thanksgiving. This is my niece, Myla, who just turned one not too long ago. Her upper teeth are probably due out soon so she likes to chew on her tongue.

Myla with her mom and the bunny we got for her.

Here Michelle is telling her the importance of online web presence.

Kids like me, and I think it’s because I look like a cartoon.

We made her play with the bunny every chance we got so it would become her favorite, and then we would become her favorite. Muahahahha!

Myla plays like a little boy. She doesn’t like to sit still and only has one speed, extreme. I was fascinated by the fact that she can mimic just about any sound you make. She can pop her lips, click her tongue, and do whatever that thing is called in the video.

Now that we’re done looking at my adorable niece, let’s talk about family and food.

People ask whether spending time with my niece makes me want to have kids any sooner. Playing with kids is pretty fun, but part of the fun is being able to say, “She pooped. Playtime timeout. Someone take care of this.” What you don’t see in all these pictures is all the hard work the parents put into raising Myla. You also don’t see the loads of stuff they have just to accomplish that task. Hard work is hard. As I am having a difficult time taking care of myself most of the time, I don’t think pushing up kids is a great idea.


They say that older children often feel threatened by younger siblings when it comes to their parents’ attention. As the younger brother, I never got that, until now…

I went over to my parents’ place and found this on the dining room. These are all photos of my niece, Myla. If you look at their computers and phones, the backgrounds are photos of her as well. It seems petty for a grown adult to try to compete for attention with a baby, but I figured how to deal with it.

I’m currently planing on printing a lot of photos of myself, leaving them around their house and  changing all electronic devices to display my face.

I’m an uncle!

I promise to be the best uncle possible, and not the creepy uncle that lives in a van with no windows in the alley behind the record store. I’ve even started to prepare for my first talk with niece on an important subject that you can never have too early in a child’s life.